Center Post – Centering is job one! A lesson from the seed

In the awakening is the amazing discovery of all the profound wisdom and valuable lessons found so easily in nature.

In the spirit of wholeness and integration and integrity, I offer this lesson that I found in the seed.

It’s a simple three step formula for sustainable thriving and unlimited future generation growth – it is unfortunate that humanity seems to have engaged in this self-sabotaging behavior by skipping this critical first step.

step one is demonstrated in the first 4 seconds of this 35 second clip…

So, did you see it?  Step one is to develop strong roots! The top 1st priority is to ensure we are fully grounded! Without which the young tree is dangerously vulnerable to fall with the 1st strong wind.

We seem to perpetuate the nasty habit if skipping the roots altogether and diving right into dealing with the outside world, fatally ungrounded, leading to the inevitable crashing and burning. Just look around and you see so much evidence of this in the world today.

But the good news is that this first step is a really simple one, and we can help each other brilliantly make this critical first step.

This is what “Centering” is all about.

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