Ngurra Post – I am where I am, and the view is spectacular


For the Aborigine it means “place.”
It is the basis of personal identity.

And it’s definition is a great place to start on this blog.

Ngurra is a sacred Aboriginal word, as described by Robert Lawlor in his book, “Voices of the First Day,” that means “country, camp, or place,” a landscape feature formed through the metaphysical activities of the mythic ancestors as they dreamed the world into being. To the Aborigines, place is thus inseparable from meaning, from the original activities that gave it form. The landscape is inherently sacred and meaningful and a part of each tribal member. “The question of identity, of who I am, is resolved in the Aboriginal consciousness by knowing the full implications of where I am.”

This amazingly vast perspective opens everything up for me. It offers me the opportunity to experience absolute beauty all around me, and to also feel myself reflected there.

I experience this observation and profound appreciation of absolute beauty as joy and fun – and sharing this experience is fun on steroids :).

Ngurra is the awareness of and acceptance of my interconnectedness and my being in active conversation with all my relations, in all the moments in my life, throughout all iterations of all realms (micro and macro).

So, Ngurra is the name of my personal blog, where I will share observations, ahas, and otherwise glimpses of my experience of Ngurra along my path.



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  1. Elz /

    Thank you so much, Gerry, for sharing this nearly lost concept and being a voice in the revival of it’s use and function! I love knowing about Ngurra, and feeling into how I perceive my environment differently, and with a greater sense of connection. Look forward to hearing and learning more!

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