• What if the Revolution was possible in a PIVOT?


    Are we destined to crash and burn on this planet – increasing chaos and degradation into oblivion?

    If not, how will we make the turn?

    I see a spectrum of possibilities …

    1. In one extreme of the spectrum, we crash and burn horribly (economic, ecological, financial, decaying health, and increasing mass suffering +++)… hoping to rise like a Phoenix out of the ashes…
    2. On the other end, we do an Aikido Pivot and move in the healthy direction with grace and ease (finding the right balance where we expand and thrive sustainably)

    So, the next question is, where on the spectrum are we gonna be, right?

    If I buy into the idea that this is a choice we can make (and I do, do you?), then the most important contribution I can make here is to maximize my influence on us making this transition with as much ease as possible – as far to that 2nd extreme as possible, right?

    A revolution is definitely required! … but not the kind we might first envision. Its not about opposing anything, its all about co-creating something new – a new economic model based on what we really value by creating a new “organic” marketplace where the structure upholds mutual empowerment, fair-exchange and a whole new set of our embodied values.

    This is the vision of Shopper’s Profile – taking this organic business modeling idea to the transactional heart of the current wasteful mainstream advertising and consumption industries by creating, in the the same market-space, an organic enterprise community that empowers collaboration and partnership for mutual advantage. In this most powerful Aikido Pivot move, we slight of hand away the destructive, exploitative,  “middlemen” elements. They simply no longer have a role in the new organic marketplace.

    The real good news is that, if we are correct about all of this, the SP model can be applied to all industries, markets +++!

    Stand up in your sovereignty – its time for us to stand-up and PIVOT together!

    Joint the movement! –  https://shoppersprofile.com/ … and share it with folks you care about!