Infinite, Me? 2 – up to half the time?!

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Itzhak Bentov was my age when he published some really powerful thinking before he tragically perished on May 25, 1979 in a plane crash.

Is it possible that this is the other side” that folks talk about?

Is it as simple as waking up to the other side?

…and “Walking Between the Worlds” – as described by many, and beautifully in one of Gregg Braden’s early books, “Walking Between the Worlds – THE SCIENCE OF COMPASSION”

Perhaps this is the adventure!… exploration and discovery in this infinite landscape…

Perhaps we are, in our essence, explorers and discoverers of the edge of everything, which spreads out radially from our center.

If there is a non-physical aspect of our existence, can we consciously experience it? … is this what our “Consciousness” is?

Perhaps we already do – what is intuition +++?… think about it.

What is the relationship between the 2 worlds?

Which is primary?

… and if, non-physical Consciousness is primary, then would not the material world, which feels so solid and REAL, be actually the malleable part, as we choose from the infinite possibilities available to the expanded us?

Oh, and if FEAR vibrational frequency is lower, and LOVE vibrational frequency is much higher, then Bentov’s postulates would suggest that in “Love” energy vibration, we experience more Zero Point…

Things that make me go Hmmmmm…

What if that higher frequency was resonant with SOURCE energy (what indigenous folks were/are reluctant to name, but called SPIRIT.)…more Hmmmmmm…, huh?

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  1. Bo /

    Love = Higher Vibration = More Zero Points = Access to Infinite !?!?!

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