STOP STEALING DREAMS: What is school for?

Seth Godin

This may be the most important TED talk I have ever seen – and I have seen many! 

Spoiler Alert! 

In this talk, Seth says he has 8 things, but I captured these specific 11 things that Seth insists we need to do in order to create schools that become incubators for people who live happy, fulfilled, productive, and satisfying lives.

  1. Homework during the day and lectures and seminars at night
  2. Open book, open note, all the time – its not about memorization
  3. Access to any course, anywhere in the world, anytime you want to take it;  the end of,  “you will learn these things, in this sequence!”. *my note: Its about fueling the natural inclination of children to have fun exploring and discovering the world/universe
  4. Precise/focused education versus mass/batched
  5. No more multiple choice exams – they were invented to make scoring easier for test scorers – we have computers to do this better now
  6. Measuring experience instead of test scores
  7. The end of COMPLIANCE as an outcome
  8. Cooperation instead of isolation
  9. Teacher’s role transforms into Coach
  10. Life long learning with work happening earlier in life
  11. The death of the Big Brand “Famous” College – way too expensive just to obtain a “Brand” – it is meaningless today

If you agree with the perspective that Seth Godin expresses in this TED Talk, then the critical question for me and all of us is – what are we going to do about it!

Seth’s is one of 2 daily bogs that I subscribe to, and every day he nails it! This guy is on the pulse!

Seth’s site

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  1. Elz /

    It’s so so great to see more and more focus on our broken educational system. Few know that it is based on the old Prussian model meant to create soldiers. Few might have heard that the underlying premise comes directly from 18th century Swiss philosopher Jean Jacque Rousseau who asserted children are a “Tabula Rosa” – a blank slate to be filled with…with what? As the author of the philosophy of Social Contract, being that true freedom lies in the governed’s submission to governmental authority…what do you think children were/are taught? To be good citizens; good worker bees; good servants. Waldorf, Montessori, Un-schooling movements have all gained traction, in addition to individual community efforts. Can anyone propose a solution to the stranglehold the teachers’ union has upon education? Thanks, Gerry! Vitally important stuff here :-)!

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