• The Lesson of The Strange Pottery


    I picked this up in Cusco Peru in 2012. The quaint shop was full of amazing pottery – mostly pots – as in “pottery”, but I was drawn to this one.

    The thing on the bottom represents a hoe, to till the soil, with its brown handle upright – it symbolizes work, as in making an effort, and investing purposeful energy.

    The thing sticking out of the hoe, on the left, is an ear of corn – It symbolizes the fruit of our efforts (our work).

    The pot on the top, connected to both the hoe and the corn, represents the celebration of the resulting abundance.

    Since I’ve had this, I’ve had a story of what I thought all that meant. I assumed it was a linear process – working hard produces results (fruit) , and then we can celebrate the receiving of the resulting abundance.

    Yesterday, that story shifted – and all of a sudden I got a new magically powerful message from it. There is a sequence, but the process is a time-loop. You start with the celebration (the energy of appreciation) of the receiving of the abundance, and then magically the “work” and the “production” activity, along with required resources, show up to manifest the “Promise”.

    It all comes back to the notion that everything is energy, vibration and frequency.

    Our thoughts are vibrations that we generate, and the frequency of those thought vibrations determine the shape of our reality. Thoughts can also be understood as prayers. As they vibrate, they attract like vibrations back in reflection.

    The really cool thing, for me, is that we have the power to choose our thoughts – which ones we generate; which ones we attach to; which ones we let pass and/or transform.

    Do you see how these two stories are worlds apart!

    I wonder what other stories there are in this strange pottery.