• The Perfect Storm for an Aikido Master

    Children diverse children cropped

    So, Its back to school time again…

    We parents send our kids into the machine. A machine that, despite the wants of most Teachers, and Administrators, says to our babies that “you will learn what we tell you to learn, and we will dictate the specific sequence in which you will learn it!… Your ‘success’ here is determined by the degree that you comply with our ways completely. We demand that you put all your effort into performing in line with our instructions. If you do not then you are ‘WRONG!’. We will reward you if you can consistently ‘Not Be Wrong’ – to not stand out in any independent way.  You are to fully conform and comply and perform in line with our instructions!”

    It seems that from our stated want to “teach” our children, we have actually condemned them to a machine that douses their natural inner fire, and tragically molds them in to compliant workers and citizens – unwilling to even ask questions about the appropriateness of the Status Quo!

    But wait, I see a perfect storm brewing here – a storm that any gifted Aikido Master can leverage to flip the whole national school system in a new energy, a new environment for holistic, organic, and yes explosive growth of our children’s venture into the body of their lives.

    The table has been set – it is already all in the cards. The U.S. Department of Education Administration, and the State Education Administrations are in the process of implementing a “cookie-cutter” education engine. With required curriculum and national standardized tests, They have set the table for an efficient indoctrination of our children into compliant workers and citizens.

    This is great news for Aikido Masters! The opening is here and now to gather in a tribe of community elders to Partner in the transformation of the national education system, by infusing a new curriculum element – “Self-Generation” – self-confidence that strengthens and is wonderfully contagious, while building the muscle of resilience to the temptations to attach to the fear-based energy that our children will meet in the “modern civilized” world.

    Principles of the additional Curriculum Element:

    • Self-Generation
    • Confidence Building – Resilience Building
    • Fun of Exploration
    • Thrill of Discovery
    • Joy of Collaboration
    • Academic Excellence (as measured in a meaningful way, by honoring established curriculum, and standardized testing)
    • Work to make sure that any instruments of measurement of academic excellence are, in fact, meaningful

    All delivered NOW with the development of workshops for the Teachers, in full collaboration with our Teachers, from members of the local community.

    Each developed workshop becomes Open Source available to the national community of local communities – the world community.

    The effect will be :

    1. An over abundance of workshops, templates and tools
    2. Increasingly easy and less time consuming efforts among community volunteers

    This all must start with our agreement in KNOWING (much, much stronger than a belief), that in each one of us, in each one of our children, is a rock solid resilient center – absolutely whole and intact – a unique and beautiful expression of the Divine.

    This is the Aikido Master’s move – has a shot at turning the tables on the entire current “Education Game”!

    We are all Aikido Masters!

    What could be more satisfying than knowing we are are contributing our energy to the empowerment of our Children!

    Not just because it feels good, but because it will also secure our own futures – because I KNOW that if we Partner in the saving of our children in this way, they will lead us into the creative action born in our own knowing that “we have the capacity to create the world anew.” – quote from Grace Lee Boggs as heard on “On-Being” with Krista Tippet this Sunday.

    And we will.

    AND WE ARE!!! 🙂