• “Rainy Parade” – Awakening to Our Powerful Ability to Choose – V7 – Stage #5… ala Ani Difranco


    This is the Ani Difranco song that 1st gave me the idea of this parallel with Ani’s art and the stages of the evolution of humanity – the V7.

    I love this song! It is an Anthem for me! Rainy Parade – Live recording on Italian Radio – here.

    I dream about creating a performance of this song with musicians and actors who perform this song for children at their birthday parties; with the drums, umbrellas, triangles, and yes, rain (especially on a hot summer day). Perhaps one day, I’ll go ahead and make that happen.

    I believe that this experience for the child might just be one of those magic moments in a child’s life that stimulate and fuel their natural joy of exploration and thrill of discovery. A moment that feeds, strengthens, and makes more resilient their Soul, to stay magical, and free, and sovereign, no matter what lies the world might try to tell them about who they are – or are not. To add water and sunlight to their seed of knowing (Gnosis) that life is what you make it – that they are, like all of us, powerful Creators (Co-Creators). You can make lemonade out of lemons…

    So, let’s dive into this magical work of art from Sensei Difranco…

    Are you facing east or west
    Or north or south?

    It’s as if Ani is calling the directions here – this feels like a shamanic journey – I think we should be smudging now 😉

    When it gets cold outside
    Do you get brought in
    Or do you get left out?
    Are you in the shade of something bigger
    Or are you right out in the sun?
    Are you down there in the trenches
    Or at the top of the mountain?
    Either way you better take your lemons
    And make your lemonade
    Life’s a rainy parade

    Whoever you are, where ever you are …Either way you better take your lemons, and make your lemonade! Life’s a rainy parade.

    This is what this stage of our evolution instructs. So, we are in stage 5, having made the turn (stage 4) and we make the sky blue by looking for the blue sky 🙂 … even as it rains…

    We have tipped over the tipping point and have birthed into the organic momentum of expansion into the less-dense..

    Ani V7 Rainy ParadeWe come into the Gnosis that we do “all live in the house that we pay attention to” (Difranco, Still My heart).

    And that means that if we celebrate the lemons and envision all the things we can transform them into – an infinite list of things we can do – voilà! Delicious lemonade!!!

    Have you felt the longing in a seed?
    Have you felt it swimming in its need?
    Pushing through into the light
    Then you know what I’m sayin’
    When I’m sayin’ it’s gonna be alright

    And there it is folks the beautiful identification with all things natural – nature and our intrinsic place in it…

    Speaks to our core need to live in balance with… everything… and the lessons are all there in nature – infinite lessons, like the lesson of the seed.

    That “knowing” of connection tells each one of us that everything’s going to be OK. We have the power to make it so.

    You just got to take your lemons
    And make your lemonade
    Have your rainy parade

    Repeating this powerful natural instruction…

    But note the move from “Life’s a rainy parade”, to “Have your rainy parade”. Do you feel the transition to empowerment – yes, you get to “Have” your rainy parade – and you are the manifester (creator) of it.

    Listen to the beating of the drum
    Look at the smiles on everyone
    Who says it’s better to be dry?
    The mighty oak trees are so happy right now
    They could cry

    This part is just especially magical for me! I feel the full depth of my experience and in full appreciation, illustrated wonderfully by how much the “mighty oak trees” (enjoying the falling rain) “are so happy right now they could cry” – Dang!!! I absolutely love the contrast that Ani draws for us here – we could curse the rain for ruining our parade, or we can Understand the rain and see the magic it holds for the oak tree – and in seeing that magic, experience the joy along with the oak tree.

    So you best better take your lemons
    And make your lemonade
    Have your rainy parade

    So, here at stage 5, we have a choice. We can curse the rain or we can make delicious lemonade. The experience of being rained on is our choice, and the reaching for the Understanding (perspective) of the bigger picture of celebrating the rain as we have our magical parade, is also our choice. Both experiences are available in every moment. It all comes down to what we choose. And for me, that is so freaking empowering!

    Oh, and one more level here from our friend Rudolf Steiner – note: the mirror, but “lighter” image of the energy of “Rainy Parade”, with the opposite and densely darker experience of “Allergic to Water”. Do you see the contrast – again – it points us to our power of choice! And I hope I don’t lose you on this one, Steiner points us to the wisdom of the Ancient Egyptians (in their earlier Matriarchal times I think). Thanks for the pointer Rudy, I’m finding many golden nuggets on that quest 🙂

    Many thanks Elz for your encouragement to share this series here !!!