Aikido starts with compassion and listening – Tai Chi too!

Yes, Aikido and Tai Chi start with compassion and listening – to the other – understanding the energy (“Chi”) of the other —- who is not really “Other” 🙂
… other as yourself…. Are we not all mirrors of each other? …

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”… do we really need any other laws or rules?

If we were all in agreement on this Promise, I mean really in that Agreement, what do you think our world would look like?

How many global institutional entities would fade away, and how many micro-businesses would explode onto the scene, with game changing innovations, offering a myriad of ways to enhance our lives?

This shift is our shift – we hold the key – we possess the magic wand to make this so!

So, pull up a heart and let’s go!!!!!!!!

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  1. Matthew Branham /

    Great Post Gerry!

    In the Taijiquan Treatise attributed to Wang Zong Yue, a 13th century Taoist monk, he says “The foundation(of taijiquan two person exercises) is to give up the self and follow others.” Here is quoting an idea of Mencius which supports a foundation for right action in life. In the context of Taijiquan this means to “listen” and not “resist” the partner when engaged in two person training exercises. Listening for the opening, for the opportunity to guide the partner into emptiness. In Aikido practice it is the same, we guide the partner in to the “circle.”
    To “Listen” in Taijiquan two person exercises we must relax, if I am attached to my ambition of “winning” then error is inevitable. When I “resist” the movements of my partner, I am holding tension in my body, this makes “listening” impossible.
    Same is true in life, if we cultivate our ablility to “live in the listening of others” the depth and richness of our lives are revealed!

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