• Humanity Mesmerization Situation


    We must wake up to our increasingly “Dithering” lives! (thanks Ani Difranco!)

    After a series of installations of programs encoding establishing belief’s of scarcity, separateness and self-lack (fear energy) in our subconscious, in our early years, far to many of us live a life in a near constant FEAR state (Fight or Flight = Terror), but tragically, under our awareness – 85-95% + of the time!

    In this numb synthetic, plastic, zombie state we stumble around, bouncing off organic things, as we focus way to much energy, trying desperately to “not be wrong” (thanks Seth Godin); carefully doing what we are told to do, actually hoping that someone will tell us what to do – executing our programming – wanting so badly to be led, we stomp allover everything and fuel more imbalance in our world.


    The most severe tragedy in all of this is that we are, largely, blind to our reactivity sourced by triggers in fear. We are trapped in a Life Sentence!

    We think its just the “normal” way. Doing what we “should” be doing…. as the programs execute constantly, uninterrupted without anything really new (“Net New”), able to get in.

    The Programs shackle us to the past – enslave us to re-live the past, over and over again – in the lie of staying “safe” – rejecting anything “Net-New” really…

    In fact, the “Net New” stuff becomes dangerous to us – does not fit the programmed code set – and is therefore alien and to be avoided at all costs – even at the cost of our own peace, happiness and fulfillment.

    So it is time to invite the ‘Net New” – time to dive into a whole “new” adventure (Exploration & Discovery), and stand up in our Sovereignty, willing to be Heretics (thanks, again Seth Godin), informing balance into a destructive Status Quo society – a society that is currently careening out of balance.

    We must question everything, starting with the stuff that is universally accepted and established! (thanks again Seth Godin!)

    So, pull up a heart and let’s go!