• “Happy All The Time”– the big enchilada – V7 – Stage #7… ala Ani Difranco

    Ani V7 Happy

    OK- here we are! the 7th and final stage of the V7 – in the evolution of we humans on this planet.

    “Happy All The Time” – click here  for recording.

    Suffer did the Buddha
    And suffer did the Christ
    And suffer did Isis
    When mankind started to write
    And through profound suffering
    Shines enlightenment’s light
    So I’m grateful for their struggle
    Yes I honor their plight

    But me I’m just happy all the time
    Yeah me I’m just happy all the time

    And I know pain is a teacher
    To be welcomed and not feared
    Alas pain is your ally
    So embrace it while it’s here
    It’s here to open up your eyes
    Here to make the way clear
    At least that’s what I’ve observed
    At least that’s what I hear

    But me I’m just happy all the time
    Yes me I’m just happy all the time

    I know trial brings wisdom
    And greatness has a price
    Just ask Abraham Lincoln
    Ask miles davis’ wives
    And I have great admiration
    For those that raise up mankind
    But I’m afraid that great gift
    Is not meant to be mine

    Cuz me I’m just happy all the time
    Yeah me I’m just happy all the time

    Before you get all crazy “Happy” about this, you must know that you will never, ever, ever, get there 100%.

    Ms Difranco wonderfully describes this state of bliss, but we are organic spiritual beings in physical bodies.

    In the material world, we need the contrast – we need the whole spectrum of emotions to show us the way forward.

    OK – gonna take this another place – but still right on point.

    Our lives are beautiful expressions of the Fibonacci Sequence – that’s right, I’m waxing mathematical now to describe life – yup – crazy talk 🙂

    As we push forward, our “happiness quotient” gets closer and closer to Happy All The Time 🙂 …

    Here’s how.

    We are living in a “duality” existence within our physical bodies. The primary separation that our senses point us to is Gender. We are either male and female, or perhaps, both at once.

    This is a reflection – or is reflected in the nature of the relationship between The Fibonacci Sequence and PHI (The Golden Ratio).

    PHI is an “irrational number” a magical thing really. It is expressed by a line that never ends – because it is the result of a division solution between two magically rooted (Fibonacci) numbers, where the result is a decimal extension that never, ever, ever, ever… ends – IS INFINITE.

    The Fibonacci sequence, in its ratio calculation with the current number in the sequence and the previous number in the sequence, flips back and forth approaching the (in 3D rendering is a Spiral), but it never, ever, ever arrives on the PHI line – get’s really, really, really close, but never arrives.

    Phi Fibonacci chart V2

    So, bringing this back to Ani’s Song and its beautiful experience creating feeling of being “HAPPY ALL THE TIME”… this is so very important because it calls us to the journey, with all its suffering and pain, to our evolution into brighter and brighter and happier moments, as we progress on our organic, infinite evolution and expansion.

    Ani points us to this idea of the journey approaching Happy All The Time in another song – “If you’re not”, Album “Which side are you on” (recording here) If you’re not getting happier as you get older, then you’re Fuckin’ up”…

    Hope to see you on the path to happy! 🙂