• Explore, Discover, Share, and Receive = ALL THRIVE


    Explore, Discover, Share, and Receive

    This is the prescription for our liberation!

    A menu, and marvelous recipe for the freedom we all desire.

    What is not here is – attachment to FEAR.

    As I get closer to knowing what I’m feeling, I get more aware of when I’m in (attached to and reacting in) Fear.

    When Jef Johnson came to Frenchtown early in October, he shared, in a Friday night talk, his list of 4 or 5 core fears we have as human beings…  the ones we use to self-enslave…

    I don’t remember them all but I did remember this one – “fear of losing reputation”.

    What is “reputation”? … how am I seen by others – how others see me – judge me… which, unless I am hiding something, should be just fine, right?

    But, am I hiding something?

    Something that, if others knew about me, would ensure their appropriate rejection of me, abandoning of me, and it would be humiliating – I would lose our Reputation! I would be rejected and abandoned – left Alone! I’d lose everything, relationships, possessions – be left to live in the street – homeless, and I would be malnourished, shrivel away and die!

    This may sound crazy, but this is really how I think the subconscious thought-forms, under our conscious awareness, mess with us.

    Behind these fears are limiting beliefs about “Scarcity”, and “Unworthiness” – some flaw we have in our essence… and a slippery slope to death, which vibrates us in a fight-or-flight state of fear frequency – which we need for sure when a Lion is about to eat our head – but, when you think about it, is quite rare for most of us 🙂

    Anyway, we adults face this journey of clearing, clarifying and healing to expunge the power of these dis-empowering beliefs (subconscious though forms). But our children don’t, until we oversea in their indoctrination and the implanting of these dis-empowering beliefs in their subconscious. Our kids come into this world naturally free of these… They are already in the magical, but very REAL world of EXPLORATION, DISCOVERY, SHARING, and RECEIVING!

    Thank you Jef, for coming to my community, to share this, and so much more, with us – our kids in your School Assembly Workshop – and with we adults, in your Friday night talk and your weekend Adult Workshop!

    I am very happy to know you as a brother on the contributive path! A master of the magic that is the liberated human being…

    … a traveling, actualized S2PID GENIUS, singing the song of Freedom through the modeling and sharing of the experience of unbridled creative expression within all of us – that thing we surface in our chorus of EXPLORATION, DISCOVERY, SHARING and RECEIVING… and when that happens – watch out! Anything is possible as we strategically apply our “stupidity” to actually begin to believe stuff into being – the good stuff…

    …as we offer to the kids, a nurturing and protecting of their not forgetting about their inherent co-creative power and resilience; and also to the adults – a remembering of our Natural, Inquisitive, Playful, Childlike Wonder in the experiencing of it all. Makes you wonder who should be teaching who 😉 …

    …a beaming example to show how powerfully Contributive Energy Rocks!

    So, what did I learn by hanging around Jef? – that on one hand, I don’t care what you think! But, on the other hand, I do so much care what you are feeling and thinking! Because you are a reflection of me. The harsh judgement that I project on you about me, is just that – a projection of my, much louder, but too often unseen and invisible, inner critic. And if I see that – am conscious of that, I can heal. And with each wound healed, I gain strength in my resilience and open up that much more to the becoming of my Life Promise. AHO!