• What is for sale and what are we selling?


    …as far as our Soul goes, that is?

    Are we selling our Souls to a piece of paper?

    Use paper as a resource for sure, but don’t make it our GOD?

    I think it might all come down to our beliefs about relationship.

    “All my relations” –  a want to be “in a good way with all my relations”… This phrase with its powerful expression of INTENTION, is common among indigenous peoples across the globe.

    So, what and how do we value?

    Is money primary to what we see as value?… People relationships secondary?

    Or, are People relationships (or an extended all my relations) primary? … Money relationship secondary?

    It really is just paper – no real essential value of anything really, yet we hold it up in honor as we serve the machinery that it produces.

    … another way to put this – Which is more expendable? Money or People?

    …and, who or what is using who or what?

    “Profit” (Organic) is simply appreciation for the receiving of a contributive creation (a product or service that some folks get together to create – targeted at mutual wellness and actually enhancing our lives in some way)

    In this sense, can you see how awesome and amazing the experience of profit is?!

    When profit measures contribution!

    Like the alluring color of the flower to the Bee, can be our calling to contribution energy. And like the Bee who lands on the flower to extract the pollen, to bring back to share with Hive, our focus on the operationalization of Contributive Energy can source our “work” (need to redefine this one big-time! 🙂 ). Seems so simple, this basic understanding of the power in lives that are active in the, fun of exploration and absolute thrill of discovery, adventure – and actively sharing the experience and discoveries with others – family/community… And then, experiencing the gift of receiving as it comes to us in waves – some/many very powerful – empowering waves!

    We Thrive!

    Why not?

     Graphic Source: http://favim.com/image/2056262/