• Self Generation

    Bright idea

    Self Generation?

    How important is it for this to be active and alive in our lives – a place where we live and have fun exploring – sourcing our “work”?

    This is the thing we are born with, and the thing we tragically let go of as we “mature” into our modern “civilized society”.

    But, there is an answer!

    We must get INTENTIONAL about our want to see to it that this, self-generated living, is not lost, and rather, see to it that it is encouraged and empowered in each of us by all of us.

    This is what parenting is all about!

    This is what school is for!

    And this is what community development is all about, too!

    Perhaps this points us to a new filter for us to apply in the choices we make.

    I contend, and this is proven to me in my direct personal experience, and indirect experience in the observing of others, that the creative energy generated and released in the world that is self-generated, is infinitely more powerful than the should-generated energy (the lower energy of compliance to what is thought of about what is expected of us by others).

    The later renders the human being to the consciousnesses level of a machine – binary – no grey area – simply a biological machine that operates as programmed. (many references for this idea exist – most powerful I have found – P.D. Ouspensky, “THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MAN’S POSSIBLE EVOLUTION”)

    So, here’s a new filter – ask your school-aged children about what they are working on in school.

    If you hear about projects that they feel they own, and are actively and intentionally exploring, as they show you what they are discovering and looking for, and there is that sparkle in their eye, then you are very fortunate!

    If you hear about not wanting to talk about it, or you get very short and dismissive answers, then you may be in deep trouble, as your child may be losing their self-generation energy, or even worst, may have already abandoned it and in the process, abandoned the part of themselves that is aware of their/our creative genius.

    You may actually want to rephrase your question to, “what are you interested in these days…. or lately… or today… or NOW…? You may get a answer that indicates strong self-generation, and it may have nothing to do with school. This is good! But this might lead you to take a look-see at your school, I’m just sayin’ 🙂

    So, start asking these questions and based on what you hear, find ways to empower self-generation. If you do this with gusto, you are bound to cause a ruckus. Actually, if you do this with Gusto, your Rukus making will be a healthy indicator. 🙂

    Photo Source - http://theenergygroup.biz/blog/2013/classroom-efficiency-contest