Life is what YOU make it.


As I deepen into awareness of my energy and the energy in my surroundings (NGURRA), I spend more and more moments in appreciation.

Here’s a question.

Is your energy, “I WANT THAT”, or is it, “I DON’T WANT THAT OTHER THING”?

Awareness at this level is a huge game changing shift and it is so freaking subtle! You can easily fool yourself into thinking you are reaching forward energetically, while in reality, your energy is in opposition and resistance to what you say you want, and is all about avoiding the lack of it. This is so subtle and obscure that It requires a dedicated, intentional practice to unconceal.

It is a commitment to be intentional in your energy generation and reflection, and in the understanding of how powerful and impactful your energy is and can be.

It is the fundamental choice between FEAR and LOVE (appreciation, seeing-beauty, enjoying, contributing, and yes, receiving +++).

Do you love and unconditionally accept yourself?

That is the first critical question. If you move “forward” without getting clear on this in your heart-center, then you are unprepared to deal with the Exploitative Game Maker(s), and you will be complicit in the breaking of many dishes in your crashing and burning; as you conform into playing the role – your role in an out-of-balance Game where you race through blindly, as you constantly look and live in the past, like a dog chasing its tail, believing that it’s actually moving forward.

It can be horrible suffering and an experience of careening out of balance, or it can be very different. If you can learn from and understand one of the profound lessons that the seed offers us.

It’s all about the embodiment of your True Spirit. Who or what is the nature of your True Spirit?

That is your practice – your fundamental journey to discover…

Our practice…

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  1. Elz /

    Fantastic New Year’s Eve post, Gerry! Discernment and honesty with oneself…not easy because it’s contrary to our social conditioning…but you’re right, it’s time. Looking forward to seeing what blossoms in 2016!

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