Change is a required thing…


elephant chained shutterstock_71627536Exploration requires a passion for change which is embodied in discovery, and all the wonderful mistakes we make along the quest for whatever holds interest for us – Floats our boat! Melts our butter!

These mistakes actually, in fact are discoveries!

And discoveries are the definition of fun!!!

But we, to often, miss out on all those discoveries because we are afraid of getting hurt (AGAIN) being exposed and embarrassed in our mistakes, or the end that circular fear thinking – getting dead – because in our unconscious, these two things are equal.

So, we hold back and choose to watch the parade, strategically resisting anything really new – really different – resistant to any change, blindly stuck in a limiting belief, nothing more.

Tragically, and too often, this fear convinces us that it is better to suffer through life “protecting” yourself, than to lean into the unknown with all its excitement and natural anxiety, and to co-create the experience you want. As I type, I hear that “I think I can” choo choo train chugging up the hill (that in the moment, probably feels a lot like a mountain!).

Just like the baby elephants who are conditioned to believe that it is “impossible” for them, as huge adults, to easily break form the chains, or simply pull the short stake out of the ground – something they can do with ease and grace.

A very revealing article on this elephant belief phenomena, “syndrome”, is the source of the graphic.


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  1. Lars Clausen /

    Amazing picture!

    1. Gerry / Post Author

      Thanks Lars. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words…. It is so much fun to go out and find graphics for my posts.

  2. Bo /

    Elephants are strongest animals on earth, being able to lift 14,000 lbs. Yet, when shackled at birth (as those in the circus are), they a taught to be weak and constricted, not knowing they have this enormous power. Sound familiar?

    1. Gerry / Post Author

      Yes brother, it does.

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