• Fibonacci Workshop – So Simple!


    The FIBONACCI SEQUENCE is the sequence of LIFE, the beautiful sequence of organic expansion – growth

    There are Patterns in organic structures.

    The Fibonacci Sequence describes this process perfectly!

    Is this on your radar?

    This is a lesson about the ridiculously simple Fibonacci Sequence – a simple adding of two numbers, infinite times.

    Here it is. Simply add the two previous numbers in the sequence, to get the next number in the sequence… Then repeat…

    So, we start with 0, and 1

    From this simple sequence you can, by extending the sequence with division +++, go beyond the most complex mathematics and geometry that you you can imagine…

    This is the thing that can bring all the elements of the grade school curriculum together! This can be the center of the entire curriculum. More on that in a later post…

    For now, check this excellent 3 minute video – better overview than I can give here…This one links to another short clip that is exceptional too!

    Graphic source: http://www.naturphilosophie.co.uk/fibonaccis-golden-spiral-relationship-maths-nature/