• Its LEAP DAY! How about we leap back, to catapult forward?

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    Its LEAP DAY!

    How about we leap back, to catapult forward? … Back To The Future style…

    We are a sovereign nation, run by a sovereign people, or at least we could be.

    Announcing the first ever grass roots economic activist movement, where WE THE PEOPLE dictate the terms of commerce and flip the tables on the 1%.

    Disclaimer #1: If you’d like to see, and personally take action to drive positive economic and social change on a massive scale, then read on. Otherwise, don’t waste your time.

    We are talking about an Internet and mobile platform that will host the new marketplace – based on the revolutionary core principles of equality, respect, trust, mutual empowerment, and fair-exchange.

    WE THE PEOPLE can no longer let the 1% dictate our values, and the rules in the economy, as they quicken their consolidation of wealth and power.

    Enough is Enough!

    In this movement, WE THE PEOPLE ARE IN CHARGE!

    This is not a political movement. That ship has sailed. The POLITICAL REALM is entirely owned by the Multinational Corporations and the Global Banks. But the ECONOMIC REALM is wide open for a beautiful grass-roots revolution, won with ease and grace.

    This is about establishing a scalable and sustainable new marketplace, leveraging internet and mobile technologies, to transform the US and global economy into one that reflects our core values, not the exploitative values of the economic vampires that are amassing wealth and power on a global scale, as they stomp all over our “inalienable rights”!

    Introducing COTONOMY, its about the “CO”… collaboration and cooperation; and it’s about the “TONOMY” … AUTONOMY and Sovereignty.

    COTONOMY.com is not about amassing personal wealth and power, its about the United States Of America’s embodiment of the values espoused and agreed upon, as we declared the values of our new Nation, defining a new picture of a new culture. Its about calling together folks who are willing to stand up and execute our National Duty – Embodying Our Fundamental Core Values, and a profound establishing of who is in charge around here. Its not a small insidious group of economic pirates … economic parasitic vampires. It is a “Contributive” Enterprise. We define this new kind of enterprise as one that is focused on making a maximum contribution to the well-being of all of us, and our communities, local, regional, national, global… In stark contrast with Enterprises that are about unbridled exploitation, massive wealth and power concentration, at all costs, including the expend-ability of the masses.

    These Parasites are easy to spot if you just look – just follow the flow of money and identify the key players… something that our “Independent” Journalist Industry might deliver to us, if it were not lost – all but gone. Tragically, Media Editorial manipulation is now in full force to pacify and stupefy the masses.

    I’m calling for a recall! All the stuff that happened after 7/4/1776.

    We need to regroup folks! We need to start from scratch, with nothing else but the words in the Declaration of Independence to guide us on our new old path.

    I say that, this national defining and primary founding document, the US Declaration of Independence, supersedes all subsequent documents!

    To me, that is what Cotonomy is all about! And we can do this with amazing ease and grace – even fun! … by using technology to deploy a surprisingly simple model.