• To merely stand is a huge LEAP, and is all it takes!!!


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    “I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”
    ― Thomas Jefferson

    Wasting the labors of the people

    pretense of taking care of them

    Do we need to be taken care of?

    What are we, sheep?!

    If I had a magic wand (and I think i do :)), I’d assign to every Citizen anywhere in any “government”, especial US Citizens, to re-read the US Declaration of Independence, and look for the word “Duty


    It is an amazingly short document that, it is said, was envisioned to be read aloud and in public. Perhaps to have the experience of empowerment and mutual empowerment and a vigorous statement of core values as the foundation of a new Nation with a new Culture in the hope that it will scale and be sustained – intact. Perhaps it is a wonderful hope for the generational transformation impact, in and from an Oral Tradition (57 second clip here). Stories of life. passed down over generations, told over a hearth,… so I guess I see this Document as “Sacred” in a way – maybe a big way.

    The voice of the powerful Spirit that founded the Unites States of America, has been largely lost, along with a “Constitution”, that has been trampled upon and torn apart repeatedly as economic pirates claw their way on, in their accumulation of wealth and power.

    The DOI is a short document. It is one of the most profound political documents, for me its is a powerful expression of Anthropos on this planet… a powerful expression of core values!

    We are human beings – Anthropos (deep look here) – my definition… a beautiful expression, crystallization, of Source Energy… Humanity on this planet, at this time.

    So, why can’t we have a national campaign to do this thing – this, let’s all re-read the DOI … and re-think, or remember. what our (we the people) roles are in this new Nation of People. What Core Values was this Nation based on? And to then look through this filter to see the upside-down world we have allowed to manifest!

    How ironic is it that we allow us to be entranced and stupified into thinking that Washington, DC, is anything but a playground and HQ of the factory farm for economic pirates. BTW, these Pirates are conniving.

    The political game is not where its at – ITS A RUSE! A shifty misdirectionA slight of hand – And it is very successful – globally successful and tightening its grip. The REAL Game is an Economic One (has been for a while as we are directed to play in the now totally synthetic and illusionary Political one). – great COTONOMY.COM blog post here.

    But, its all predicated on the very stupid assumption that we would not all stand up in the light of day and trust enough to focus on the needs of the Tribe, which, Duh!, is all of us.

    So, we take care of each other. Its not about delegating everything to some “leader” committee (three branches of government) to primary authority (like a Right of Attorney), to make all the decisions about everything,

    Does anyone not say yes to that!!!!?

    Especially when we can see through the smokescreen and see the economic pirates at the helm.

    So, and here’s the really fun part! .. the path to a return of human sovereignty is so goofy simple, and doable with relative ease and grace. Its a leap up from our knees to our feet.

    That’s all it takes!

    Tomorrow marks “Leap Day” – 2016 is a LEAP year! … Just sayin …

    Graphic source: https://www.haikudeck.com/the-us-constitution-education-presentation-iTaFLj3HdP