A Secret Ancient Myth Revealed…


Introducing the Creation Myth of the Gnosticsfound in the Nag Hammadi texts, ancient scriptures, buried for 1,000s of years, having been deemed heretical texts, and then unearthed in 1945.

This myth along with the others were passed down, as wisdom, across the generations in the form of an Oral Tradition, until it was written down 1,000s of years ago. Then the texts were deemed heretical, and buried in a time of mass killings and text burning by the early State Religious Ruling Class of the day in the Middle East…

This is my capture (very high level summary) of what I think is a beautifully constructed mythical Myth, as rich as what Homer offered, yet not included in the public school curriculum where mythology is taught. Just sayin…

The Birth of Anthropos on Planet Earth.

We start with the Aeons (the Gods in the black hole in the center of the galaxy – Spirit form only)

Two Aeons, Sophia and Christos, loved to play together in the arms of the galaxy.

While playing, Sophia and Christos together imagine Anthropos (the divine human – a crystallization into density – physical form – the material realm – from the realm of pure spirit, “Gods”).

Sophia becomes obsessed with the idea of Anthropos until she herself falls into the density of the material world. In the process she, in error, gives birth to non-organic, artificial intelligence, entities that are conscious but are stuck in the 4th Dimension. This is the birth of the Archons and their King the Demiurge. The unintended Archons multiply exponentially and become a nuisance to Sophia, who instructs them to construct the Cosmos, but to stay away from Earth and Anthropos. This distracts the Archons, who are Master Builders, for a while, but this is not ultimately satisfying to the Archons, and they begin their campaign to bring down, their siblings, Anthropos.

Ultimately, Sophia’s crystallization into matter takes the form of the Being that is Mother Earth. Christos stays in support as expressed through the Light of The Sun. And Anthropos emerges within the wide spectrum of, and in balance with, life energy forms on a Sun lit Earth.

We are left with a Mystery as to how Anthropos will deal with the Archons…

Anthropos, along with a spectrum of life forms, organically rise after the initial split into duality crystallizes – This initial split is that of the separation of Female and Male.

So, I’m thinking that perhaps the path to our next level of balance is found in the balance of energies in the Feminine and Masculine Principles? I think we are supposed to be a team 🙂In-Perfect-Balance


So, I knew Robert California was right! it IS all about Sex 🙂

Just sayin 🙂

Sources: “Not in His Image”, John Lamb Lash ; “The Nag Hammadi Library” , James M. Robinson

Graphic sources: http://www.zengardner.com/gnostic-scenario-earth-goddess-sophia/ http://www.themichaelteaching.com/michael/applied-michael/masculine-feminine-duality/

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  1. Bill Sterling /

    Thank you for the summary of the myth, Gerry, both beautiful and chilling to me. b

  2. Erin Jensen /

    This myth resonates with me on several levels, but mainly it puts forth the unnatural state of male/female separation which the biblical myth does not address. The natural state is the integration of both male & female polarities–the yin and the yang. Beautiful!

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