Cells in STRESS

standard process cell-(1)

Made from Mother, a lesson from my brother

Nutrition on a planetary scale – Thanks Bud!

From life to life

A mind blowing fractal connection!

The Human Body, and Humanity

Body energy… colossal cellular coordination … an organic partnering

Planetary energy… The Morphic Field … Intentional co-creation … an organic partnering

So, we must take responsibility for our health, for the flourishing of our cells – 50 to 100 trillion of them, and in awe of their absolutely amazing display of coordination, collaboration and partnering in the IMPLEMENTING of our living.

Respecting the host, and a reflection of a fractal iteration away…

So, as our body hosts our Soul and Spirit, we are hosted by our Mother Earth, who is hosted by the Sun, who is hosted by the Galaxy… Cosmos… including the Quantum.

As above, so below.

We human beings have dominion on this planet.

Our responsibility is to rise together and serve the flourishing of this planet and all its inhabitants, while we expand infinitely, in balance with her.

As is, our responsibility to understand how our body works (it is a miraculous symbiotic system!) – truly beautiful, and within the grasp of a general understanding of anyone, anywhere, at any age.

So, don’t delegate your health to your “doctor”!

Don’t delegate the basic knowledge and wisdom about how we tick to anyone.

And don’t delegate our world creation to a government, to some election of a new political leader, as if they call the shots anyway, which they don’t.

All we need to do is to serve those cells and free them from stress, and the parasitic viruses will be rejected at the cell wall.

STRESS – stressed cells… stressed people…

Careful not to accept STRESS as a norm in your life. It will invite the attack of parasites to your door.

We have the opportunity to reorganize in the direction of balance on this plant… and in our bodies.

What if we focused on the one? Maybe the other might just fall into a shift as well, with ease and grace.

I think I will take a closer look at this, take more personal responsibility for my health, thing. 🙂

Graphic source; https://www.standardprocess.com/Blog?BlogID=8#.Vv0iCXpLW6F

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  1. Hugh St Onge /

    There are correlations looking at the large picture in creation all the way to the small picture of creation. I know my body and all it’s cells are in constant change especially as each cell changes moment to moment. If I interviewed my digestion cells, for example, just after I ate a hamburger, they would say they are jumping to action to accommodate that hamburger. I believe the larger scale of creation also is characterized by change. I believe our solar system has undergone substantial changes although we modern people have not experienced them as our ancestors did (Read Emanuel Velikovsky’s Earth in Upheaval to see a well-documented work on this even as it relates to the biblical stories of the “earth standing still”, “pillars of fire”, and “manna from heaven”).

    It is always interesting to me to perceive what works in either the large scale of creation or the small and see them share principle of design or dynamic–how they behave. I look at the cells in my body and see purpose of those cells every time (Sorry Medicine, there is and always was purpose to the appendix) and I peer skywards at the macrocosm and meditate on purpose there. Immediately, I can see that both are MOVING, and Changing. What more can be seen? Happy meditating!

    I also perceive that if I care for the cells in my body (Nutrition and other factors) I might also be extending some kind of right influence further into the larger macrocosm. Just sayin!
    So I see I have some responsibility here–care of small extend to large. My wife has said to me “It is in the little things.” Yes, time to take out the trash and not be asked! To me “RESPONSIBILITY” is not so much a demand–“Take Responsibility!!” but rather that I have the choice to–the ability to respond! Like that better. SO, I can respond in a way to care for my nutrition and those other factors and sense a connecting care extending to larger things beyond me.

    So, I call the doctor when I need the help he or she can provide, but I always retain the ability to respond (responsibility). My health is my responsibility and I take it and ask for help when I need it.

    As Gerry says here, I do not need to give away my responsibility to a doctor, a lawyer, or an Indian chief, and certainly not to my government although all could play a part.

    On Gerry’s “STRESS” theme, our bodies are created to handle much stress–amazing machines these bodies are! AND, I still retain the responsibility to manage my stress and keep it in balance. As I live, I learn more and more about how to manage that stress. I have been very deliberate to learn that and there are many, many techniques right out there to learn. So I do better as I continue to learn and continue to need to learn. Absolutely, because that is my responsibility! Oh, I have improved in not taking on other’s stress. Another time on that one…lol.

    So, Gerry underlines a thought. What if I took responsibility with what is in me and closest to me–could I also benefit what is larger and well beyond my physical space? Oh, YES! Right on with me.

    1. Gerry / Post Author

      Wow! Thanks for this fun conversation, Bud!

      Thank you for the introduction to your passion for nutrition. So powerful is this idea about the crazy complexity, and amazing diversity, and shining example of cooperation & collaboration going on in our physical bodies – it’s a goldmine of discovery for each one of us!

      It’s a wonderland, I now see. Why would I not want to understand it more and do my best to take care of it? That would just be stupid! Why would I not be curious and want to understand the basic chemistry and physiology of it? Shouldn’t we all do this? Shouldn’t kids, parents, schools and communities be exploring and discovering all this together?

      And, yes! It just might automatically, like a magic key, ignite the rotation to shift the next iteration over to the human impact on this planet, and imagine and manifest a world we’d like to see, now that sounds really good!

      Right about the Doctor, Lawyer Indian Chief! – all examples of where we tend to want to yield our power.

      Big yes “to give away my right to respond – responsibility” to some authority who will tell me what I need to do. And response ability, bulls-eye! Part of my power, and an expression of my sovereignty.

      And “Need to learn” – I see the “need” not out of fear or lack, but out of a powerful want to know – to understand… We want it so much, it becomes a “need”.

      You are turning that magic key big-time brother! So, much fun to watch!

  2. Gerry / Post Author

    You got me going, Bud!

    What about Pain and Suffering?

    My post today… http://contributiveenergy.rocks/2016/04/02/pain-and-suffering/

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