• What shape is our table?

    What shape is our tableb.

    What shape is our table?

    Partners. I am overwhelmed with valuable Partners! Any thinker out there that sees the right-side-up world is a potential Partner. Anyone on that track that explored vigorously into the Mystery, and published their work, be they alive or dead, are valuable potential Partners.

    In order to best assure real communication here , Its important to look at communications and cultures, histories, and transitions.

    A short rant! Words that sound the same, but have different meanings and spellings – crazy stupid shit. All words should be unique. We have the ability to store all that shit. And if we broke our language down, we might find a whole new communication platform arises – maybe (perhaps a remembering) into telepathy…

    What has been our communication path?

    • Facial expressions, hand gestures, body language vocabulary…
    • Grunts turn into words with the birth of the spoken language and the birth of the Oral Traditions…
    • Oral Traditions ensure the passing down of the wisdom, from the elders, across the Generations…
    • Agriculture and the written language (in a last ditch effort to not lose their culture, to the required agreements for the indentured service to the King in the Kingdom)…
    • Since then, a severing of, at the jugular vein, the Oral Traditions, so we will listen more to the programming…

    You see that once we acquiesce to the hierarchy of power, we become doomed to participate in the perpetuation of that culture, and increasingly to a point of “at all costs”, so as to maintain and increase the advantage of the few, over the many. with very little change other than what supports the continuation of the cultural blueprint programs.

    Kingdom – Hierarchy

    Freedom – Round Table!

    That’s the shift, get ready because this will knock you off your horse!

    …and on your back – as you leap to your feet!

    We once lived in flourishing gatherings around a Hearth.

    Then we acquiesced, yielded our power to the King, and began to live in rectangles and sit around rectangular/hierarchical tables.

    We planted our agricultural fields in rectangles, and we planted plant-life in rows, and began to forget the trusted relationship we once had with all life (all our relations), including plant-life.

    We began to acquiesce our life Spirit to the King, in service to grow the King’s Monies, while at the same time, more and more masses of our brothers and sisters perish in the illusion of scarcity.

    So, rectangle or round, what is your choice? 🙂