• It is Do, Be, Do, Be, Do…


    The energy of possibility

    Huge (yuge) energy!

    Every moment brings a new set for us to explore, appreciate, and manifest.

    Starts in the celebration of a World We Want To See!

    Materializing, and yes, it is already unfolding, being made buoyant by our waves of appreciation and celebration of it.

    As one of my heroes, Amit Goswami PH. D. says, paraphrasing… we live in two worlds, being and doing. Its not about always being, like a monk in solitude on the top of the mountain – always, be be be be be. Also, though, we do not want to always be in the doing like the rat in the maze always do do do.

    It is not just do do do. It is not just be be be. It is do be do be do.

    Absolutely brilliant! – it is all about the balance in the Be and the Do! The Be is all about perspective and direction – the agency. The Do is all about inspired action in the desired direction – the implementation (operationalization). But in the Doing. we must return to the Being on a regular basis to glide more through the doing, as we craft the new & dramatically changing World We Want to See.

    And Yes Amit,  I am a Quantum Activist!!!

    Graphic source: http://gestaodelogisticahospitalar.blogspot.com.br/2015/06