• Mirrors, Movie Frames, Pendulums, Sine Waves, and Zoetropes


    A Zoetrope

    When you spin it and look through the slits across to back inside wall, you see a continuous flow, but is is only a series of snap shot frames. 

    Mirrors, Movie Frames, Pendulums, Sine Waves, and Zoetropes

    Every time I ponder on an “other”, I feel so lucky when I see some of my own reflections. 🙂

    I think I do this dance between the two worlds of Mind-body and Spirit. I think that its the path of my Soul.

    In this walk, I am both, the many and the one, in every moment.

    Some suggest that we are actually pulsing back and forth form Body-Mind and Spirit; Matter and Consciousness; experiencing the perception offered in both the physical and non-physical realms, simultaneously.

    They suggest that we actually are experiencing a super fast pulse between the these two worlds, but we are only aware of the physical experience.

    In a belief construct of “the primacy of matter“, we only perceive the physical, even though we are spending a great deal of time in our non-physical experience, yet still outside of our awareness of it.

    So, they suggest we are experiencing significant portion of our time in SPIRIT, despite any limitations that our beliefs myopically project into our conscious awareness.

    The physical portions of our experience are experienced are more like a movie projector with its flashing frames of five-sense perception snapshots.

    Our mind reconstructs these pulse snapshots into a continual smooth flowing physical projected experience.

    This pulsing back and forth is wonderfully analogized by one of my heroes, Itzhak Bentov, into the behavior of a pendulum, and how it reflects the same structure of the sine wave.

    Such a shame we lost Itzak so too early in his life. He was killed in a plane crash shortly after he published and began speaking about his amazing insights and discoveries, that, from where I sit, are transformation insights! 90 minute instructive video here!

    Also, Peter Russel’s, talk on “The Primacy of Consciousness“, so worth watching!

    Graphic source: https://ishootthepictures.com/category/worth-a-look/page/2/