An ease and grace transformational waterfall!!!






Let us seek what is sacred, and make more of our relationships, sacred.

How do we do this?

We must get Whole.

This must be our first priority!

We were born into a society that traumatized and splintered our Souls, and conditioned us to live in fear.

We were born into a society and culture that returned our absolute vulnerability and trust as babies with a false belief, born our of trauma, that we should not trust.

It instructed us that in order to survive we needed to hide from who we believe we are, after we have acquiesced to the belief construct around our unworthiness, hierarchy, scarcity, and a constant and inherent danger to lose everything, in a moment if we are exposed for who we falsely believe we really are, someone who we ourselves don’t like so much.

This is all a big MFing lie!

An ease and grace transformational waterfall!!!

One way we can right-side-up this crazy, stupid, upside-down world, is to simply go inside and explore who we are. Those discoveries will open up so much that we will want to share it – can’t help ourselves from sharing it with everyone – so excited about sharing these new gifts! And then, the juiciest of the fruit, is still there in the free-form allowing and receiving of the enormous joy in a thrilling, thriving and flourishing life!!!

We must see to it, in our families, local communities, schools, and the mass media we are saturated in, that an intentional empowering environment (world) is co-created and continually improved for our newborns to come into.

This new environment must be co-created with the understanding of just how vulnerable these newly incarnated Souls are to receiving impressions in their subconscious, through traumatic experiences of fear.

We must understand just how powerful these false beliefs and their thought-forms can become, in absolutely running, exploiting, enslaving, and consuming us!

This environment must be one that transcends the ignorance about conscious an unconscious thought. We must be intentional to co-create a place for these beautiful human newbies that conditions confidence, which strengthens their own resilience to fear-based conditioning, as they leap forward in the enjoyment of spectacular adventurous lives.

We must establish an environment that is founded on empowering core beliefs around the absolute power of LOVE, and LOVE’S foundation of belief constructs:  Connectedness;  Radical Simple; The Law of Attraction;  The Absolute power of the energy of heartfelt Appreciation vibration; Freedom; Joy; All out adventuresome co-creative expression; and the absolute power of THE GOLDEN RULE!

If we do this now for this new generation coming up in our schools, we elders can go sit on the beach, bury our toes in the sand, and drink cool umbrella drinks, because our empowered children, who retain their magic, will manifest the world we want to see,with great ease and amazing grace!

But, we can really speed this transformation up, if we rescue ourselves back to gnowing our Whole selves, and when we remember the ancient natural wisdom we had as children.

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    Best comment ever! Radical Simple And perhaps, the word that holds so much transformation power! The vibration that sets us all free… Thahks M!

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