• The Golden Rule and Fair Exchange

    fair exchange

    We think the measure of our well-being and self-care is one of money, identified in many ways as a measure recorded in the accumulation of money.

    It is not!1

    It is the opposite!1

    Money must become, at best, a barter facilitation tool that we exchange in our local communities – no interest – no debt.

    We must end the rewarding of the speculation of it.

    Self-care is free!!2

    Know Thyself!!!3

    Look into your own heart on this most critical top priority journey.

    There you will find your connection to everything!!!!!5

    And you will embrace your power to manifest the world you want to see!!!!!!!!!8

    And you will be free!!!!!!!!!!!!!13

    And we will be free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!21

    Yes, I am obsessed with The Fibonacci Sequence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!34

    Graphic source: http://www.globalexchange.org/blogs/category/global-exchange-stores/