Critical First Step! – lessons from a Shaman and a 16 year old

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Last Monday I spent the day and eve, along with about 25 others, with Jorge, a wisdom keeper and, sharer of the wisdom in the Oral Traditions. Jorge, who’s ancestors lived in the Lake Titicaca region bordering Peru and Bolivia, described and spoke and shared his truth, and shared epic legends that have been passed down the generations, among the Indigenous Quechuan People of the Andes. Speaking in understandable English, Spanish and Quechuan, Jorge spoke the ancient truths, painting a picture of a world, one that feels very different than our “modern” world. One after another, all day long, and into the night, Jorge laid down these truths that were passed down to him from his ancestors – our ancestors.

At the core of all these truths shared by Jorge, was this foundation of the foundation, this single one truth – Love Yourself!

If we skip this most critical step, we launch our lives recklessly, and we are vulnerable, with our reactive, off-balanced, lack of resilience, to the conditioning, manipulation, and enslavement by “The Heavy Energies“, “The “Synthetics“.

We are committed to this inner quest, not for ourselves, but for the Tribe, because we gnow that this gnowing, is the entrance to the wormhole that links us to the real experience of universal connection to everything.

Yes, our heart is a wormhole to anywhere we want to go – to any world we want to manifest.

Then, 2 days later on the beach, at the Jessey Shore, 16 year old Ses, created the beach art pictured above,

I love this creation! I love how Ses punctuated “love” with the black shell! In the same message, for me, I see and feel several messages – “love.”, “love you“, and “love yourself“, all, for me, flavors of the same underlying truth.

This is an ancient gnowing!

It is in the cells in our entire body, from the deepest marrow, to the top layers of our skin!

It resonates in our most minutest material fibers!

Children gnow this automatically, but they learn otherwise in this crazy, stupid, upside-down, synthetically driven world.

But, when we can feel the depths of this truth, and act on it – perhaps the 1st, and most powerful “Right-Action“…, from this magical place, it is all down hill, perhaps a fantastic journey together, traversing life’s waterfall 🙂

In fun, ease and grace… Aikido-style 🙂

Thank you Ses and Jorge!!!


Graphic source: art from Sesarea (Ses)






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  1. Maureen /

    It most certainly begins with freely loving ourselves…AHO!!!

  2. Gerry / Post Author

    AHO!!!!! right-action back at ya, Maureen! 🙂

  3. Hugh St Onge /

    I have been enjoying theses posts over the months, and I really appreciate each one touching on a topic with which I am in total agreement. The premise is right on the core, and the posts elaborate and implicate how anyone can implement. Thanks!

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