Advertising – let us floodlight this business model!

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Pavlov’s Dog

The Advertising Game

Let’s floodlight this business model.

Its all about securing our precious attention, the focused attention of our “eyeballs”.

In the Ad Biz, they are called, “Impressions”. Its about obtaining the focused attention (even peripheral vision is all that is needed) in order to install the impressions into the unconscious mind of the masses; in order to program a conditioned, unconscious response that triggers an unfair, and unbalanced transaction, which feeds someone’s massive bankroll, and also conditions human behavior that is favorable to the maintenance of the established status quo, cultural, and societal, concept of what is “normal“!

The strategy of The Game is to create a “free” entertainment focused-attention platform, until large amounts of folks sign-up. Then, the Advertisers are invited in to purchase our eyeballs, our impressions, for the primary purpose of ringing the Bell widely, and then accumulating absolutely stupid amounts of Money, which, is power, in this crazy, stupid, upside World… that we are making, BTW.

This Game is played in the $Billions of $Billions folks, gargantuan levels of financial wealth!

With this in mind, can you not see through Google, and Facebook +++?

Bottom-line is that The Game, The Big Game, is about dumbing down and conditioning the behavior of the masses, and then factory farming us to extract the wealth that we earn, as spent in the “economy” (including taxes), and otherwise create.

But, its not about being against this!

It is all about standing together in our intentional agreements, and co-creating the World that our Hearts powerfully want to see!!

And we co-create an economy, where we take out the goofy $Billion eyeball-impression-stealing middlemen, and simply create an open source market where folks who create helpful things, trade with folks who value those things in a respectful and trusting trading relationship.

And, as local as possible too!


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