• Broken Water!?


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    Broken Water!?

    A Desecration!!!

    • Water infused with toxic chemicals in order to extract “natural” gas!
    • Water polluted from run-off from factory farming!
    • Ripping up rivers, streams, and our precious underground acquirers to install gas pipelines!
    • Water flowing through our taps, infused with an unknown brew of chemicals!
    • Water in plastic bottles!
    • +++!

    Water is sacred! and is absolutely most critical to us along with the air that we breathe, to our health and well-being.

    An absolutely precious, sacred resource!

    Water, that organically falls from the sky, gathers in streams. rivers, ponds, and lakes; over great waterfalls and through a wondrous world of underground reservoirs and aquifers, all flowing into the Great Ocean, to again, and again, be swept up into the sky in those spectacular clouds! 🙂

    When water is broken, we pinch off Sacred Source Energy, Spirit Energy, weakening ourselves, so devastatingly.

    Yet, we acquiesce to this breaking of our Scared Water,

    I will not be your bank roll!“.  Ani Difranco, Alla This

    This is our Sacred Land!

    This is our Sacred Water!

    We stand tall in our “duty” as so beautifully described in our founding document, The Declaration Of Independence!

    We rise in defense of our Mother and the home of the generations to come!

    We are “The 21st Century Minutemen and Minutewomen”! Thanks Frank!

    We stand together with her, and for her, and for all our Brothers and Sisters, who, like us, are her organic children.

    And say, “No FERCing way!!!Frank, thanks again!


    Thanks to Frank, Bernice W, and family; Thomas Jefferson and the signators of The Declaration of Independence; Ani Difranco, who’s folk songs are my anthems!

    Ani’s Alla This, Live performance, don’t miss her powerful guitar picking!

    Ani’s Alla This, Lyrics.

    Graphic source: https://superaalifragilistic.wordpress.com/category/poems/