Imaginal Cells!!!


Imaginal Cells!!!

You, yourself, are an amazing system, definitely a super-system.

I absolutely love how concisely Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. in Developmental Cell Biology, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA. Thesis Title: Myogenesis in Cell Culture: An ultrastructural study; Author including one of my favorite matrix busters, “Biology of Belief” lays out where we are and where, and from where, we are managing this evolution to a contributive society species. Powerful short video here.

We are Anthropos!

We hold dominion on this Planet!

We are all potential Imaginal Cells.

Wholeness open all the doors.

Confidence clears the way to intentional co-creation.

We must imagine a Whole new structure, an Organic structure, a new society, a new evolved culture where Trust is the new measuring stick.

Here’s to a generation of Imaginal Cells!!!

I think, even a handful can cause a ruckus!


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