• Intentional and Conscious Agreements


    Intentional and Conscious Agreements

    Are they restricted to our 3D material physical existence, or do they extend, and even initiate, in the Spiritual Realm?

    We need to be much more aware of the agreements we make, and the contracts we sign.

    We construct a new World with our conscious agreement making, and contract signing, BTW.

    So, it is high time we stood tall on our vertical spines and in our Sovereignty, and took responsibility for the agreements we make and the contracts we sign.

    We don’t even look curiously, at who or what we are transacting with.

    And this is how the enslavement of the Human species is won.

    We need to get back to the handshake, and a look in the eyes of our trading partners, measuring the trust in the transaction, which is a reflection of our relationship.

    Discover yourself, and you will discover your connection to everything. And, with increasing awareness of the Universal Law of Attraction, and how powerfully your thoughts are beating that drum, making that music, sounding out your conscious and intentional agreements, we create a new World, one that we all want to see!

    Oh, and easy peasy fun too!


    Graphic source: http://www.arch2o.com/shake-hands-with-3d-printed-robotic-limb-rob-scharff/