• A Promised Land – Opportunities to RIGHT the Ship


    Getting Over or Contributing to the TRIBE?

    If only we did not believe (buy into) this lie about possibilities, and that the “LACK” in the World is anything REALLY real. Then we unconsciously identify that LACK lie, with who we are at our core.

    This is the phase shift!

    This is the freedom that we have the complete power to gift, to ourselves.

    One slight adjustment in awareness and perspective opens up and expands geometrically.

    I have a great deal of respect for we Human Beings, given the onslaught of the multiple layers of conditioning and programming our unconscious mind is subjected to, from birth to physical death.

    And, when we succumb to the conditioning, when we think that we are not connected – all separate – and we are not individually powerful, then we decide that everything is limited, and we yield our power as individuals, and as a species.

    But even more shocking is the complete disconnect from the real wisdom available for our consumption. from our Elders and our Ancestors.

    Each one of us seems to come to this physical material realm with no “knowledge” of our past from our eternal spiritual existence. Imagine generations over many , many thousands of years, accumulating our wisdom, instead of making the same mistakes over, and over again across time.

    As I see it, we have 2 huge opportunities to RIGHT this ship:

    1. Rediscover the Source of Gnowledge in the ORAL TRADITION which has been violently ripped from us. Let this quest be ours individually, and together as it flows naturally and organically. This is a wonderful Treasure Hunt!
    2. Gather in Local Communities and see to it that our Children in our Schools, have the environment to fully and organically blossom, and express their individual and connective gifts, and not be conditioned into obedient subjects, full of fear. As they hold onto their magic, resilient to the conditioning and programming, they will be the way showers, and co-create the World we want to see!

    If each one of us investigates into our Soul, intentionally, sincerely!

    In there, I promise you, is where absolutely all the the answers are!

    And get ready to have your World volcanically shook!

    Because when we re-discover that the true answers are all RADICAL SIMPLE! …

    This crazy, stupid, upside-down, synthetic, “World” fades away…

    An entire new horizon to discover appears! …

    Inviting us to Flourishing and Thriving! …

    A Promised Land, with ease, grace, and a whole lot of fun!


    Graphic source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Flickr_-_Nicholas_T_-_Promised_Land_State_Park_(2).jpg