RADICAL SIMPLE Transformational Choice!


I hear the wisdom of my Native Elders, Brothers, and Sisters who are Standing at Standing Rock!

Most impressively for me, from a young Sister, who told me that if I wanted to come to Standing Rock with the energy of anger, revenge and seeking conflict, that I should not come.

She instructed and explained that when we are in attachment to, and identify with, fear energy, the access to the wisdom of our Ancestors and from the Light of the Creator, is blocked.

Allowing, and attaching to, these dark energies, ensures our Blindness, and we act/react destructively.

So beautiful and profound is this blessed and sacred instruction!

So critical for us to understand this powerful insight into the mechanics of what is going on, outside of our momentary scope of awareness, here on our Mother Earth, in this moment;  how miraculous and beautiful is the very vibration in our Hearts, which is so intrinsically engaged and partnered in the manifestation of our World.

Got that!?

We are not only intrinsically part of all that there is, we are an active agent of influence in the motion of it; in the trajectory, rotation, spin, vibration and frequency of all that there is.

It’s a magnificent dance and, we are all inalienably invited, by our Creator, to create the manifestation of our experience… of our “Realty”, not just as individuals but as a collective force, consciously (contributive), or unconsciously (destructive).



Start in your Own Heart!

Reach out to others and demand TRUST in all your relations!

Trust your own Heart, and seek Heart connection in others.

Demand TRUST!

And where you are not welcomed in Trust, move on, let it pass, don’t take the bait!

Do this, as my dear Sister schooled me, and we arrive in the World of flourishing and thriving!


Graphic source: Me

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