• I love AHAs!!!


    I had a huge AHA thought that is blowing my Heart-Mind this morning!

    This increasing stream of wonderful and perfectly timed serendipities are not showing up RIGHT on time for me, they have always been there/here, I just have not been allowing them to be received until NOW!

    This stuff has always been there/here!!!

    What other wonders into the Great Mystery, will I allow to be received, RIGHT NOW!

    We are a Planet full of People, who not only understand the Nature of The Law Of Attraction, but are active in this glorious 100th Monkey Happening!

    Stand With Standing Rock, the epicenter of the 21st Century People’s Earth Protectors Culture and Society!

    Our ancestors are calling us HERE, NOW! To Stand together – Heart to Heart!

    And to share some absolutely free breaths, in TRUST together, and instantly manifest the World that we really, really, really, want to see!

    Ground Zero is NOW – Aikido style – ease, grace, and a whole lot of fun!!!


    Graphic source: http://www.dementesx.com/que-los-ancestros-nos-demanden/