Phase shift is happening now!

Phase shift is happening now!

alex_grey_material_world3Has been for a long time.

How long?

Some say about 2,000 years, others about 5, others +++.

The only thing that is holding things up is that the human race has been slumbering for some time now.

In sleep, there is no attitude of wholeness

In sleep, there is no experience of absolute confidence

In sleep, there is  no intentional practice of inner exploration for answers to key questions.

First burst in the slumber bubble – the world does not operate linearly.

Not linear folks!

The electron can be in two places at once.

We are made of electron-like stuff! 🙂

The dimension of time is pierced at the speed of light.

Light, Water, Earth, and Air give us what our bodies need to live, and create a world where we flourish and thrive.

We are powerful creators, and it is not, and it is, all about us.

We have been given a great gift, our own consciousness.

With this gift we have been given a sacred responsibility, dominion on this planet.

We can only rise to this responsibility, onto our feet, standing in our power, in protection of what we have found to be sacred in our hearts.

This is the critical first step.

If we simply take this first step, we can transmute the cesspool of saturated fear energy that is percolating on this planet, and in masterful Aikido-like fashion, we effortlessly pivot from the epicenter of everything, our hearts.

So, to sum-up, massive positive change in our world; In process; already unfolding in waves, gathering momentum…

Want to catch the wave?

Only takes one first step.

Stand-Up, feel into an intentional focused attention, into the center of your heart, into that zero point, your gateway connection to everything, everywhere, and with a solid yet flexible foundation of crystal clear clarity of what is Sacred…

Decide for yourself, What Matters Most!

From there, we gather where we share the answers we find in our hearts, and we co-create the world we want to see!

Embrace the RADICAL SIMPLE in your heart!

I can’t help but feel that this post is flavored with the beautiful energy that I experienced at COSM, Alex Grey’s Full Moon Ceremony, this past Saturday evening.

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  1. Erin Jensen /

    I can’t believe I am reading Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse for the first time. It’s an amazing tale. Your post reminds me of the experience Siddhartha had when he chose to be a ferryman and learn from the water. He soon realized that the river was nonlinear–it was everywhere at once: in the waterfall, around a bend six miles downstream, in front of Siddhartha–everywhere. Time is the mortal concept we’ve created for the “passing” of events. That is all. I remember how my brain hurt the first time I considered this during my college days. It isn’t painful anymore. It is necessary to embrace.

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