Soul Rescue and Resilience – The magic of the magic wand question; leveraging the strong forces into a conscious, and intentional, self-directed society

Soul Rescue and Resilience – The magic of the magic wand question; leveraging the strong forces into a conscious, and intentional, self-directed society.

It’s a twofold strategy to phase shift flip the morphic field vibration on this planet, from fear to compassion, and also doing so with great ease, amazing grace, and a whole lot of fun.

The magic of the magic wand question!

When I was an executive recruiter, I liked to ask this as my first interview question. I asked, “If I were to hand you a magic wand, what would be your next big thing. What would you do next?”.

Some folks said they’d be on the beach with a refreshing drink, others told me quite clearly where they were and where they were going.

I did not realize it then, but I see now that this is the seminal question. A powerful 1st step to flip this whole enchilada. What Matters Most!?

Soul Rescue:

Ask this seminal question consciously and intentionally, in our heart of hearts, then simply follow that path from a fundamental attitude of compassion. This can and must be done at all ages in order to wake ourselves up to our power. It is in the full standing-up in that power, that allows us to honor our responsibility, our duty, in our dominion on this planet.

Soul Resilience:

Children are naturally active in the practice of learning, otherwise exploring and discovering the world, with a magical trusting heart. So therefore, we human beings just might be most productive when we are self-directed, and in that state of mind, that zero point, where fear of lack is unable to take root in our idea about our identify. We are naturally, great adventurers; explorers into the great mystery. I discovered that proof of good grades in school, where to become later, a resume. And, that resumes, like grades in schools, were often simply and tragically, a self-reporting about one’s commitment to submit to authority and perform as directed.

So, I hypothesize that this conditioned willingness to be directed by others is producing our experience in the world today.

And that, if we do these two simple and wonderful things we can turn that whole thing around:

  1. To start now with the inner work – seeking and finding key answers to questions that matter, in our hearts; gathering to share the thrilling discoveries of the folks on this glorious path; to go out in the world and find those great stories, and share them far and wide as a new fuel to the hearts of everyone, inviting experience into our lives of more of the same. Happening now at What Matters Most.
  2. To re-do school into an incubator for human beings to trust themselves in their own life adventures. Then we will be in awe at how fast our children will co-create a new world experience that is coherent with what our human hearts are craving. Happening now at Princeton Learning Cooperative, PLC.

These two enterprises alone, could facilitate our graceful shift. All we have to do is find creative ways to share them in a very large scale, and I happily repeat, … with ease, grace, and fun.

But you could instead and also, simply lean in and listen to what the folks who are standing at Standing Rock are saying. They are spectacularly outlining a whole new set of values (the stuff we feel matters most – stuff that we hold as sacred). Actually these values go way back into our own indigenous past.

This is a magical global gift being offered, open source, from the hearts of our ancestors, through the hearts of our elders, sisters, and brothers who are standing at Standing Rock.

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