to me and you, then us: “What Matters Most?”




Compassion Rules in these places.

Look at our “modern” world, society, culture, economy.

Do you see the opposites?


Deny and deflect, otherwise live in false masks designed to build walls of lies about who we are, so as to avoid ever feeling vulnerable again.

Hiding in Fear

This is the seminal choice!


This is what we are being shown in the voices of those of us who are standing at Standing Rock!

An amazing and timely seventh generation prophesy, our current children, our youth, started this Water Protector movement.

The voice of the feminine principle, the sacred feminine, is standing strong at Standing Rock! This is the voice that we have denied and suppressed for thousands of years and is void in the current predominant morphic field, collective unconscious. This powerful feminine energy voice will lead us, with our children, to a world spinning in the vibration of compassion, wonderfully scalable and sustainable in its natural evolutionary growth.

This movement to protect water, nationally and globally, will facilitate our full 180 degree national and planetary phase energetic shift, from fear to compassion.

Standing Rock is the epicenter, and fully active, right now!

Some say we have already made this great vibrational shift, some say about 5 years, others say about 2,000, still others say seven generations ago, +++.

The only thing holding the full experience of the shift back is the slumbering of humanity, saturated in the grip of fear vibrational stasis (Carl Jung’s “Collective Unconscious”, Rupert Sheldrake’s “Morphic Field”), the predominant thought construct as to what is most important, a portfolio of values that start with accumulation money, based on a belief of lack (all fear vibration) for anything other than the betterment of all (contributive energy vibration).

And so, to those of us sleeping, we face an absolutely critical first step, taking this first step seriously, with a strong conscious intention to complete fully, and in the understanding that this will be an ongoing priority practice.

A critical question and investigation!
  1. To me and you, “What Matters Most?”.
  2. Then to us, same question, shared in an intentional conversation.

The heart is our spectacular, non-linear, connection to all that there is, and to the freedom to live full-out, inspired into right-action, inspired to the investment of our precious attention and our focus in fun activities that expand our awareness and serves the betterment of all (win-win), that leads to a widely spread flourishing and thriving of the human race, in balance with nature, starting with our own Mother Earth, and all our sisters and brothers who show up in organic life on this spectacular organic planet; a completely connected array of entities, displaying an infinite variety and diverseness, each one more beautiful than the last – all beautiful!

Versus, a fearful unconsciously reactive, very linear in the thinking, thinking; (win lose) thinking that leads to eventual crashing and burning.

Repeating this  broken record am I! THINK RADICAL SIMPLE! So important, you see, if you are racing through your days, feeling some overwhelm, some stress (stress is fear vibration), you may very well not be consciously seeing or feeling these inviting waves which are based on a higher frequency than fear. On a complete different channel, on a completely different wave link, that of absolute love, expressed as compassion and appreciation.

If you do not intentionally tune in, you may miss this wave calling us to simply ride, as we intentionally co-create a limitless supply of amazing and thrilling waves, to ride…. in a good way!

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