their/our power?

their/our power?

Understand Aikido philosophy; the wonderful mythology of Excalibur, King Arthur and Avalon; the pure focus of great heart-minds that were and are fully engaged in the co-creative becoming of the world we want to see: Nicola Tesla; Gandhi; Martin Luther King, Jr.; John Lennon; Jacques Fresco; the writers and signators of the United States Declaration of Independence; +++.

Now I will demonstrate the quality of this great shift we are riding, by stating with absolute confidence, that the naming of those who leaned in hard to a reality of a compassionate economy, in the very near future, will find many more women listed. And this is as it should be, not because we are obligated, but because we men understand the high quality energy that is in the feminine principle; the divine feminine; the sacred feminine; balance; harmony; collaboration; win-win; flourishing: thriving.

You see, we as a human society, holding dominion on this planet, have not only forgotten about this critical feminine energetic component, but we have actually actively suppressed and silenced this most critical global energetic generator; this most powerful informer into the Field; a Great Global Field that is in full 180 degree phase shift right now.

Taking full responsibility as an individual standing in our heart, we will dispose of any programming in our unconscious mind that, in its fear-mongering parasitism grip, we are pulled into incoherence, as we discern it so.

This entire global phase shift is in full swing now! Community, in our new world is being demonstrated for all that have eyes to see, and ears to hear, in a microcosm of humanity itself, at Standing Rock!

It simply tells us that practiced compassion born out of a promise in the heart to maximize the mastery in of the artful creation of gifts, so the gifts may be offered widely, to as many as may benefit from them, making as massive a contribution as possible. These are the heroes in the new economy, the new community. Note: these are also like the heroes in the communities of our ancient relatives, our ancestors. 🙂

And this is what society will celebrate in the rewarding, in fair exchange, of the gifts offered.

This is the matriarchal society.

The new economy is about transparency and integrity; it is about compassion, maximum contribution, and open source gifting on a locally infused, global scale.

Breathe one that one folks!

All available within a thought-moment, where there is a bold personal standing, infused with bold heart in action on an exploration adventure.

We are adventurers!

We are the new economy!

Radical Simple and Radical Transformational!

Nuff sed!?


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  1. Lars Clausen /

    many marches – many millions – much hope – much transformation!!!

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