Feminine Principle Uprising – the New Matriarchy

I wanted to share something with my community.

I am attending a workshop soon on Mary Magdalene and the Sacred Feminine, being delivered by a very good friend of mine, Rev. Arlene Rose Curley, Ph.D. intuitive healing, minister.

Arlene is an initiated Rosicrucian minister who just published a book, “In Search of the Eighth Gate: Embracing the Sublime Wisdom of the Gospel of Mary“, about the sacred feminine energetic principle. Arlene has examined the Gospel of Mary which was recovered in pieces after millennia in hiding, and outside of public awareness.

This, I feel, is the key of keys.

Exploration here, for me, brings me closer in my investigation into the great mystery.

I think that is the point. It is, and totally is not, about the arriving at the destination.

It is all about the adventure of discovery on the path; those thrilling discoveries of something new and beautiful.

In the adventurer’s now, everything is beautiful.

In the “attitude of wholeness” (David Bohm), where we find absolute confidence in full trust, and unfettered creative expression, reaching as deep as we can go into infinite intelligence (Napoleon Hill).

We are past succumbing to the voices of our inner critic(s); programmed reactive thinking that does not serve us.

We are well into a practice of right action in full responsibility to ourselves and each other, to get closer to our compassion energy center, in our body, in our heart.

I am feeling strongly that we are in a 180 degree energetic phase shift from a saturation, in an identification with low frequency fear vibration, where we have been blindly simmering for thousands of years, to an identification and coherence with the much higher frequency of compassion, which I believe is a powerful remembering of a wisdom from our distant past. In it’s full embrace, we arrive in our freedom.

These two vibrational frequencies (compassion and fear) are energetically and vibrationally incoherent; cannot occupy the same space time. They are like two radio stations on the dial.

And the really cool, radical simple, discovery is that we have the power to make the choice of which frequency we generate in our thoughts.

Radical Simple!

BTW, This compassion heart-thinking is absolutely being shared in voices of those who are standing at Standing Rock. In particular, in the voice of the women there. Somehow despite hundreds of years and waves of attempts to break their ties to the wisdom of their ancestors (our ancestors), our indigenous sisters and brothers have held onto this precious link to ancestral wisdom. And, even more beautifully unfolding in this phase shift national and global movement, is that it has been initiated by the indigenous youth, in a prophesied seventh generation global uprising, where the indigenous will lead all people to our next vibrational expression in our heart coherence with Mother Earth and the cosmos.

These two voices, from the the discoveries that come from adventures of a powerful females, are coherent; in the same compassionate energy vibration.

I am loving the serendipitous arrival of them on my path and into my awareness.

Take a listen for yourself. Great transformational stuff there!



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  1. Erin Jensen /

    Great post, Gerry. This is a subject that several of our classmates and I have been exploring intently. It is time for the Sacred Feminine to emerge, and emerge She will!

    I’ll be sharing this post with them and others.

    My heart is with you!

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