Cycles of funky contrast and clarity – a process of expanding awareness

From the Gospel of Thomas: (2) “Jesus said,Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All.’

I am finding life is a wave form of ups and downs; contrasts and clarity.

I am beginning to understand the value of the contrasts that I experience as a funkiness in my emotional state.

I am beginning to experience the confidence in these times, in that there is always valuable gold to discover in the funk, and on the other side of the funk, which always comes.

The funk itself is showing me that there is something valuable to learn that is in reach, if I allow the receiving of it. It is telling me that vibrationally, I am out of coherence with Source Energy, and it invites me to receive the wisdom that brings me back to coherence, this time in a new expanded place.

Ancient wisdom is telling me that “this too shall pass”, as I intentionally and consciously reach for the lessons in the contrasts that I experience, that will expand my awareness.

Thus, I experience the never ending cycle of clarity and contrast, to higher degrees of clarity (coherence).

It’s a recurring course correction in life’s never ending navigation into the great mystery, as we deepen into our infinite intelligence, and express more fully our creation power.

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  1. Maureen /

    Contrast creates a life forse that gives us a greater opportunity to stand more fully in our power and expand the love we are.

    Funky feelings are the Divine Discontent within calling us back to be in our power and align with our Source.

    You expressed this very nicely Gerry.

  2. Gerry / Post Author

    Exactly Maureen! Thanks!

  3. Lars Clausen /

    Nicely put Gerry,

    The ICE Method is a cycle – identify, calm, exchange – repeat. At first I thought of it for physical and emotional relief. As time goes on – ICE becomes a mechanical process of keeping the cycle moving. Instead of getting stuck in a place of “funk” or only residing in a place of meditation “calm” – the exchange step between the two states keeps the cycle moving and spiraling. Nice to hear it in your words. Blessings for the cycles

    1. Gerry / Post Author

      Exactly Lars! This resonates with your ICE method for sure!

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