Trust, Faith, and Responsibility

Trust, Faith, and Responsibility

Responsibility to ourselves and each other to practice the attitude of Wholeness

Wholeness being the gate to the identification with the infinite

The path to Wholeness is an inner journey of Soul integration and retrieval, where each Soul splinter and wound is regimentally rescued and healed, and where each experienced trauma is transmuted in increasing absolute confidence, as we experience our steady flow of nows.

It’s an adventure toward absolute confidence in our heart of hearts about what matters most; what we have discerned as Sacred.

If we each Promise to each other to go there, and if we mutually empower each other and collaborate with each other on that journey, then we co-create a world that we want to see.

And, in the getting there that never ends, we experience great ease, amazing grace, and a whole lot of fun, as we share flourishing and thriving.

I’m not sure how I gnow this, but I just do, so I can sincerely, and with absolute confidence, Promise this to you!

And (broken record I know) all this and more is being shown to us right now, that easy, grateful and fun path, by those who are standing at Standing Rock!


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