The time is now for us all to stand up tall in our hearts


At the quantum level, is infinite.

At the cosmic level, is infinite too.

We are multi-dimensional beings.

We are infinite intelligence.

Too many of us have acquiesced to a world reality that harvests human energy vibration.

This world feeds on fear energy.

It cannot co-exist with a world fed with compassion energy.

The choice and all the power is ours.

Feed the field with compassion, and fear will show up now and then, only to be harvested for the gold in the darkness, and simply released to pass right on through our field, as we continue in right action and contributive co-creation vibration.

Open Source! For the good of all! The Golden Rule!

Radical simple! Stand at and with Standing Rock!!!

I see this as so much more that a standing up to stop a pipeline.

I see the miraculous birth of our new organic community construct that can be replicated across the globe.

I am a localist, and a nationalist, and a globalist. I am very fortunate to have the tools of the Declaration of Independence, and the duty assigned to me there, and the U.S. Constitution, along with the amazing tools of the internet, smart phones, drones +++ technology . All together a pretty snappy set of tools to give birth to and grow an organic economy. I think, sitting here in western Hunterdon County, New Jersey, that the folks up there in the Sacred Stone Camp have a mission that, if I am correct, I like very much!

Let’s stand up with the biggest collaborative effort in history. Let’s look deep inside our hearts, and commit to decide for ourselves, despite what the world is projecting at us, we must go to ground zero, and we must know that that place in our field, and our bodies, is your heart. You have to, we all have to do this. This is our responsibility in our society, to STAND UP fully and deliberate as to what is most sacred and important. What matters most! Then commit to stand in honor of what you, me, we, have consciously agreed to, as to, what is sacred.

From that place, its not about protection of it, it is about beneficial and respectful use of it, in good relationship with it. But if any sacred thing is under attack by some dark synthetic entity, like the ones, perhaps, that for centuries, Lakota Sioux Native Americans, called in their prophesies, the Black Snake, then it does become a stand in protection of it.

My interpretation of the Black Snake is, what I call, a “Synthetic” enterprise, and this snake is many headed in this upside-down world. A synthetic enterprise is one that deems expendable, people and planet, in order to serve the investors (financial speculators).

I’m feeling strongly that this place right now, just might be the epicenter of our global phase shift, in our Morphic Field (Rupert Sheldrake), our Collective Unconscious (Carl Jung), from a frequency coherent with fear vibration, to one that is coherent with compassion frequency vibration.

Those that blindly hold on to the fear, and continue to acquiesce their power to the synthetics, will experience exactly what they are fearing.

Those who stand up in their sovereignty, and choose compassion to be the focus of their attention, will experience this phase shift with ease, grace, and fun.

This is the universal law of attraction.

The key, as I see it here, is that we are in the throes of this phase shift right now. We will complete this unstoppable shift for sure. But how will we experience this shift? I see a spectrum of possibilities from absolute chaos and destruction and suffering, to the other end of great ease, amazing grace, and a whole lot of fun!

So, I want to do all I can to see that we choose plan B, where we retake our power… the compassionate way…

So, I’m heading to Standing Rock! … to stand with my sisters and brothers, who are focusing on compassion in community, and protecting something most sacred, WATER!


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