Celebration invites the manifestation

Dreaming in the imagining of it.

Feel into the feelings that you imagine are associated with it.

Feel it so much that you can celebrate the feeling of it.

Celebration invites the manifestation.

In celebration you don’t think about what is unwanted.

When we are focusing our attention on what is unwanted, we invite more unwanted into our life, as we generate coherence with fear energy, vibration, and frequency.


Focus on your favorite stuff.

Get clear, in your own heart, about what is most favorite to you.

What matters most!

To what do we hold as Sacred?

When we reach for favorite, and we are in our heart, our world fills up with more astounding favorites, a steady, increasing flow of favorites.

We are vibrational beings.

One of my most favorite heroes, Nicola Tesla laid it out so clearly and succinctly, when he said, “If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, you must look at energy, frequency and vibration”.

Great shift done! Ease, Grace, Fun!

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  1. Gerry / Post Author

    Wholeness allows the receiving of it.

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