Epicenter Standing Rock

I am seeing, and am open to receiving, these powerful tools (a short list but not nearly complete) to co-create a whole new world, a world that our hearts yearningly want to see.

  1. Practice of integration to wholeness, a self-generated and self-directed Soul retrieval adventure. Get deliberative now, in your own inner conversation, and determine, discern, what matters most to you. What do you hold most sacred in your life in your world?
  2. Gather with others in your community (community now is our local community and our global community, enabled by connection technology).
  3. Connection technology: internet; social media;  smart phones; drones +++
  4. Founding documents that established the basis of the principles and purpose of the law:
    1. The United States Declaration of Independence
    2. The United States Constitution (huge government abuse here, by politicians who make a solemn oaths to uphold the Constitution)
  5. Our numbers, are overwhelming. Game Over!
  6. The seventh generation global uprising readiness

No to dwell on at all, but just to shed light in an intentionally dark area, the non-alternative fact is that the regime that was governing for the past several Presidents, the regime that was just, NOT-elected, constitutionally, and by design from our founders. I am celebrating the national power that We the People exercised, executing our national “duty”, to stand tall in your “inalienable rights“, such that when any “government” that falls into corruptions and begins to serve some other entity than the people and the land, and the water, and the air, great nutritional food +++, “it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government“… “it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security“. Again, this is worthy of celebration!

A RADICAL SIMPLE, unstoppable one step methodology  – formula – #1. above, because this is a process for us to get back in sync with: our water; the pumping in our heart, and filling out all our cells and all the other flowing systems in our body. basically, it is all down hill from there, a healthy supply of personal satisfaction, flourishing and thriving.

Call me crazy but I’ll say it: There is a foundational structure to this thing we call Universe, and Cosmos. Our adventure into this mystery, among an infinite set of other mysteries in the great mystery, that we can never, ever, ever fully discover… because it is infinite.

I am hearing load and clear form the voices I am listening to, who are standing at Standing Rock! It is the voice that resonates with our heart’s heart’s, heart, and calls us to awaken, and stand up in the world in a good way; to retake the helm in this world, and stand tall in our hearts, in as many numbers as it takes, to inform and entrain the morphic field, the collective unconscious, from dominant frequency of human thought, from low frequency fear, to higher frequency compassion.

Phase shift now! – ease, grace, fun!

Epicenter Standing Rock



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  1. Bo /

    Ease, grace and fun is where it’s at…

  2. Gerry / Post Author

    AHO Brother!

  3. Erin Jensen /

    One of my favorite quotes by author, Anna Quindlin:

    “In a democratic society, the only treason is silence.”

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