• Thought quality

    Thought quality

    Scientists tell us that we have a flow of thoughts in our unconscious and conscious minds and that it is difficult to even imagine the speed of the flow. The speed is so fast that only a very small percentage of the thoughts are actually recognized and observed in the conscious mind.

    So, this place where we do the vast majority of our thinking (brain activity), is the unconscious mind.

    So, what’s going on in there?

    Well, there are things written in stone in there.

    Some are written by others and many of them are dis-empowering, others are installed consciously and intentionally, and they tend to be empowering.

    Everything written there, our conscious mind assumes and “knows” is “true“. The very act of deciding what we assume is true, blocks off many other possibilities from our conscious awareness.

    This is where the heart comes in big time!

    Think from your heart, in the fullness of compassion.

    Consider what is most sacred.

    Practice this, in prayer and in ceremony and guess what? … The writing into our subconscious mind is the truth about a morphic field vibrating in coherence with compassion.

    Gather together to assist each other in this practice, this prayer, this ceremony.

    We must explore our core values, and gather to deliberate, and arrive at a few, maybe even one, seminal thing we powerful, consciously, and intentionally, all want to honor in a good way.

    A mind disconnected from it’s heart is synthetic. It is an artificial intelligence, alive and well in GlobalBanksterCorprateGovernmentville :), and in too many folks who are still acquiescing their power to GBCG!

    Thinking from your heart ignites your mind into a super-mind.

    Are we Linear or are we Non-Linear?

    Are we only our physical experience?

    We are in co-creation, right now, of a new world.

    A world that we become in our coherence with the cosmos.

    The rules in this new world are RADICAL SIMPLE!!!! – THE GOLDEN RULE supersedes all other rules and renders them repetitive, and irrelevant..

    So, we face right now, being in the midst of a 180 degree, global vibrational, phase shift from low frequency fear-attachment energy, to a new channel on the radio dial, higher frequency of compassion energy vibration.

    In this world, experiencing the emotion of fear, is to enjoy many valuable gifts. (do you see the 180?).

    Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to ask for wisdom in your heart, where your zero point is, in your electromagnetic field, and it is your gate to the non-linear, your heart. This comes from an interest to walk in the world in a good way. First inside, then β€œoutside”.

    For me, loud and clear, I hear drumbeats and I hear voices of people who have held onto the wisdom of their/our ancestors, despite wave upon wave of carnage over hundreds of years, perhaps seven generations. We all should celebrate and be thankful for this fortitude, this dedication, this human soul level tenacity! I hear this voice all over now, and I am clear that the epicenter of this global phase shift, is in the community standing at Standing Rock. What a precious gift!

    When you stand tall in your heart, you cannot help but smile, almost no matter what.

    In a non-linear universe, one individual, with a powerfully focused attention, and intention, can inform the morphic field, the collective unconsciousness, and entrain it to a tune of compassion, from where is has been for far to long, in a tune of fear and carnage.

    When a group gathers together in the standing, – well, fugetaboutit! πŸ™‚ DONE!