It all starts with the standing and the standing with :)

We will live in perpetual ceremony, prayer and meditation. We will live in cosmic medicine.

We will not get there by setting goals and making elaborate plans.

That is linear thinking, and is it largely the mind operating on its own, without being entrained by the heart.

Meditation becomes expanding our conscious awareness and a predominant thought vibration in the frequency of compassion. That is, seeing more and more beauty in the world, in an enjoyable blend of observing beauty and creating and developing and offering gifts.

There are absolutely countless examples of human beings on this planet who are creating and doing, in beauty recognition, and gift development, mastery, and open source offering.

There is no real adversary in this quest.

Only, and this is a great example of the power of RADICAL SIMPLE thinking, in your mind you have repressed and denied aspects of yourself that you have decided are bad, dark, even evil. Once installed, these aspects reside in the unconscious mind. This is true of all of us, every single one of us.

I am not an officially certified investigator of the Science of Human Behavior, but I have investigated this in more non-modern ways, and I have discovered a world in the unconscious mind, where external things have written belief constructs there.  Once written it becomes “true” and “law” and “lawful

Lawful behavior, from the perspective of a Science of Human Behavior Scientist, is not about obedience to law’s written by men. It is about the natural, organic, decision making that is totally driven by the accumulation of our experiences, and the writing that has gone on, up to now, into our unconscious mind.

This open investigation into the understanding of how the Human Being operates, is the liberation that we seek, and it is instantaneous.

Because, if, we all decide in our hearts to stand upright, and walk on our path in a good way, then we remarkably create the world where we flourish, and thrive, in our organic expansion, we deepen our balance and harmony, as we grow. Fibonacci organic life force expansion, the only thing preventing its instantaineity, is our false, dis-empowering, unconscious-mind-embedded, belief constructs.

So, the physical standing as an individual, the gathering and standing together among sisters and brothers on our Mother Earth, is foundational to this ease,grace, and fun path through this 180 degree energetic phase shift that we are, right now, in the midst of.



Protecting what is “Sacred”. We have two answers. One comes from the conscious mind. The other comes from the unconscious mind.

For the most part, our unconscious mind(s) see money as sacred, because we acquiesce and buy into this idea of a universal lack, where random encounters occur from separate and unequal things. In this state of mind, in a void of death to contend with in life. This is all an ugly lie!

The truth is what each of us must discover in the sovereign standing of an embodied  human being standing.

This I have gleaned as I leaned in to listen where ever I could find it, the voice of the keepers of the wisdom of our ancestors, our indigenous sisters and brothers, especially right now at the camps at Standing Rock.

I put “sisters” in front of “brothers” because that is how we will look at our path in our new way.

Sisters will be honored for their powerful energy of balance, harmony, cooperation, collaboration, ad protection for what is sacred. Men in this world will stand tall in their hearts, and they will make a path for the women to fully express their divine energy into the field, and seeing to it that we are free to walk our way, in a good way.

In this world, we reward those that give the most.We reward the organic.

In our 2/2/17 world (Bizarro world), for the most part, we reward the opposite. We reward exploitation, manipulation and deceit. We reward the synthetic.

Do you see the 180?

So, I offer you a choice, from your worst nightmares, to your most cherished dreams with great ease, amazing grace, and a whole lot of fun!

RADICAL SIMPLE is a phase shift from chaotic, complicated, and dangerous, requiring a leader/savior projection of, and a giving away of our power.

Its about moving right on from, “enough is enough”, and well into, “What are we going to do about it”.

It all starts with the standing and the standing with. 🙂

Special thanks to the Venus Project for their powerful investigation into the Science of Human Behavior! Heroes of the new way!

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