May we walk together, in a good way, in a full “attitude of wholeness”

I’ve been feeling lately, a huge jolty boost, and a kick in the pants too!

I am feeling deeply into our next/happening-now, breakthrough iteration.

If you have game changing answers for us in this phase shift happening, then you must see that they are received widely!

It is your responsibility to do what it takes to see to it, that it is understood widely, and promptly too!

Yes, there is some urgency to this!

Folks are much too distracted by focusing their attention on things that ignite their fear, that they are missing the sacred voices lifting into the vibrational phase shift, voices like those that I am hearing at Standing Rock Camps in North Dakota, who, tragically, are barely being heard among the organized media of our world. A huge global and generational healing is happening there, right now!

The transmutation of our attached-fear-entities, is our absolute liberation.

This, I am discovering is a practice, of Soul integration, of Soul Retrieval; a practice of healing toward wholeness.

We must arrive now, or have experienced it already, from “enough is enough”, and dive into “What are WE going to do about it?!

WE, is enormously more powerful than Me.

That is where Adam Smith’s, “Invisible Hand” went wrong.

This one assumption sent us into the mess we are in now.

  1. If you look out for yourself and make sure your personal interests are secure, regardless of the interests of others, then you have acquiesced to a ME world – crashing and burning in carnage.
  2. If you look out for your sisters and brothers in community; if you agree to a gathering where we look out for each other, then a WE world becomes – flourishing and thriving.

Our seminal choice: attached fear/carnage, or attached wholeness/compassion.

RADICAL SIMPLE: ease, grace, and fun!

May we walk together, in a good way, in a full “attitude of wholeness” (Thanks David Bohm!)

These are exceptional and glorious times!

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