We need to 180 this!

The most powerful medicine you have is in the coherent energy vibration of your heart, which is in coherence with the very frequency of Mother Earth, and the rest of these crazy people who, for at least several thousand years, have been bouncing in and out of blind fear attachment, across countless generations!

What I am hearing about Medicine, is that it is prayer and ceremony, walking in this world in a good way.

We no longer need to be feeding huge industries and huge corporations, and global bankers anymore!

Feed local commerce.

Find creative ways to trade.

End usury, and financial interest charges, and the entire concept of monetary debt!!!

Our revolution is not political.

It is all economics and we have the numbers, as many as it takes, to see to it that we get back to the wisdom of our ancestors, and the founders of this Nation of Immigrants.

The question is, are we willing to look for ourselves and discern for ourselves, what matters most?, what do I value?, and to what do I hold as Sacred?

What we need is some Sacred Feminine energy, standing tall in the heart, calling for collaboration, cooperation, what I call, contributive energy, packed with an a amazing gift that has taken at least hundreds of years of protection to hold on to these sacred chords from the wisdom of our elders , and ancestors, oral tradition masterminds. BTW, this voice? See Ladonna Tamakawastewin Allard, Sacred Stone Camp, Standing Rock, N.D.!

All we need to do is gather in the square and start talking together about what matters most. Have fun brainstorming a list – a prioritized list.

I am convinced that this simple and ancient process of a contributive trading economy, is something we can choose.

When values are clear and consciously agreed upon, large numbers of us can stand up most powerfully in the protection and respect for our sacred values. This is our duty as assigned in our beautiful DOI, and also in the voices of advice from our ancestors, who I am hearing loud and clear up at Standing Rock.

If we engage in this question nationally and internationally, in a safe, private (no advertisers in the business model, no snooping USA NSA, unless they agree to our terms), we will ride through this uprising; this 180 degree fliparroo, with great ease, amazing grace, and a whole lot of fun!

I’ll give a celebratory toast to this world we are endlessly becoming; this post flip from fear to compassion, world.

These are extra-ordinary, and glorious times!

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