Non-Linear – listen in to the voices from those standing at Standing Rock Camps!


Time is a net

Thoughts in a full wholeness, based on near absolute confidence, are the most powerful alchemist tools.

Then there are so many other tools. All connection related tools, free of personal information exploitation and profiteering.

We are in the process of a major uprising.

We carry the weight of the carnage that we have committed, in this nation and around the world, on this planet over the millennia.

Carnage: An aggressive word to have in our new President’s Inaugural Speech.

And something that I am painfully witnessing at Standing Rock N.D.!

I think our new President Trump, elected constitutionally, in a surprise uprising of the people, should come and visit the Standing Rock Camps. Otherwise, Mr. President, I’d want to know how you describe “carnage”, in terms of this thing you made a very emphatic and specific promise to stop. (it was an oath level promise!), “right here, and right now!”, I think you said.

There is an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. All of the elected officials take this oath.

I wish all ears and eyes, in this country and on this planet, would lean in and listen to the voices coming out of Standing Rock!

For those who “have ears to hear, and eyes, to see”.

This is seminal!

This is epicentral!

When you listen in, be willing to open your heart if you feel a resonance.

This is all about one pipeline, but is also about so much more.

If the American people stand with their sisters, and brothers, in whatever numbers it takes, we will continue the global, and generational healing that is in process right now, at Standing Rock.

Huge healing was felt in me, and I feel across this planet – was like an earthquake, when Wesley Clark Jr. asked for forgiveness of the Dakota Sioux Elder! Was seminal! Was epicentral!

And, I believe we will be gloriously living out a dream, once dreamed powerfully back in 1887, or so, around the time when constitutionally backed Treaties were signed.

For me, a Treaty sounds like something important and a documented legal thing..

The seventh generation prophesy points us to the youth of our current indigenous generation.

The indigenous youth started all this, NO DAPL, as prophesied!

We are in process of a national and global uprising of the heart!

When you listen in, pay particular attention to the voices of the women. Women seem to be standing most tall in the heart and clarity in the heart about what is most important, what is sacred in the heart.

Listen in, you may find a new voice, a new language, a new human conversation, that you will be listening to, in this new world that we are creating… AND! with ease, grace, and a whole lot of fun.

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    There are so many thoughts that came to me as I read your blog, Gerry. You are right on as far as a major shift occurring–or maybe a deeper awareness of what we’ve known all along. The indigenous people of the world have held tightly onto the wisdom of non-duality and connection of all that is. Linear time, which we’ve been “forced” to adapt to, is an illusion as we learned from Einstein.

    I thought that Hilary Clinton, although hardly representative of the Divine Feminine, was a step closer to balance. And then November came. I now see Trump as an “in your face” collective shadow that we all carry. How can we change that which we cannot or will not see. We–the collective we (men and women of the world), are no longer able to divert our eyes from the obvious. We must look at it head on.

    Where are we to go from here? We have been silently guided for centuries. Yes, if we look to our Native brothers and sisters, we will clearly see what our next step must be.

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