In a good way, way.

In a good way, way.

Napoleon Hill told me that we are our own worst enemy. That sounds like bad news but it really isn’t. It’s really good news because, when we discover that we are being bamboozled, we discover that we actually do own a magical, alchemic, and ultimately valuable tool. Our conscious choice is our most powerful tool. Our conscious choice of what we think, how we think, and where we focus our attention.

We think in two worlds. One world is “conscious” – we are aware in our heart-brains. Another world is “unconscious” and it is largely hidden, and is the dominant kind of thinking, in that it is the vast majority of the heart-brain activity, in all our thinking.

So, first choice: Are we going to instruct and leverage our unconscious minds, or are we going to blindly allow our unattended unconscious minds to crash and burn our lives?

Personal note:  I feel a new thinking that is generated in the heart, up and out, where a heart-brain frequency is coherent with other hearts, and Mother Earth, igniting the brain into a super brain. I’ll even call it a Fibonacci Brain.

How bout we call a re-do, and do a Zero Point Everything Analysis.

Ask for wisdom in your own heart and share what you find with those who you trust.

Trust is the indicator, and a powerful filter, of Compassion Energy. So, if we are high in our trust, in all our relations, we are resonating compassion. If trust is low in our relationships, then we are resonating fear, because these two frequencies of vibration are not congruent, and therefore cannot ever occupy the same space time, this is the seminal decision that we make. We make it consciously, and we tragically make it unconsciously.

We have forgotten how Sacred this Trust indicator is.

Anger, when trust is broken is natural!

Protection of what is Sacred is our promise to each other, and our children and grandchildren.

So, from that perspective of Compassionate Dominion, we gather to make sure we are clear about what matters most! What is Sacred?

  • Air
  • Water
  • Food
  • Land
  • Shelter
  • Flourishing and thriving
  • ?

So, Let’s Zero:

  • Waste
  • Hunger
  • Human suffering
  • Disrespect to Mother Earth
  • Accepting relationships that are not respecting the Golden Rule, and are untrustworthy
  • ?

I think, that I am thinking about this because I am choosing to act on a core instinct, that I am feeling in my marrow, of marrows, to lean in and listen to specific human voices, that are being shared by those standing at Standing Rock!

When I do, I am overfilled with appreciation for the powerful voice spoken from the heart, a place for far too many of us, and for too long, have forgotten!

Listen in, and see what your heart says 🙂

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